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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Outer Wall

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Break the pot for a Zircon, and head down.

"You'll see an Armor Lord. Armor Lords are very resistant against physical attacks, so if you have Holy Water, I'd recommend using it.

"I wasn't having a lot of luck with the spirit spell, so I eventually decided to use the Fireball spell.

Hit the wall on the left, get a pot roast, and stand there. Don't hold anything.

You'll eventually be dropped down into a room with a mirror cuirass and jewel knuckles. Equip the mirror cuirass. Head back up to where the Armor Lord was, and explore the bottom area. Be careful of Medusa Heads. Backtrack up.

This is a save point. Get ready for a boss fight. Head up and right. to fight against Doppleganger 10.

"Doppleganger 10 is a tricky boss fight. It reacts the same way Alucard does to damage (knockback + a few invincibility frames), so it's hard to get a good combo going on him.

Doppleganger 10's Wing Smash

Downward Air Slashes

It's a pretty easy boss fight, once you get a feel for how to play it.

Pick up the Gladius in the next room, and equip it.

Smash this pot for a Life Up. Go all the way up this room.

This room is a save point. Drop back down.

"Hit this switch. It will activate the elevator you saw on the right hand side of the screen.

As you're going back down, you'll see this door. Go through it to access a warp room. Warp rooms are denoted by a yellow dot on the map. Go ahead and warp to the room with a horse in the background. Exit the room.

You will now be at the Castle Entrance. Pick up the Heart Up and step on the switch. You can now access this warp room at any time. Head back to the Outer Wall (the warp room background looks like a worm or caterpillar).

Keep dropping down until you get to the elevator. Grab the Soul of Wolf; this will allow you to turn into a Wolf by pressing R2. Take the elevator down to the middle stop. Walk down the staircase and into the door to get to the next destination.