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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Castle Entrance

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You take control as Alucard, from here until the remainder of the game. Move right, and kill the Wargs. They're easy to kill.

When the room lights up, zombies will appear out of nowhere from the ground. Be careful to not let them hit you.

The next room you enter, kill the bats, and break the rock to get a pot roast. Continue right.

More wargs. Clear out this room.

Break the ledge at the bottom of the stairs to get Turkey.

In the next room, there's a cutscene in which Death takes all of your items, leaving you with only your bare fists to attack with. Continue right.

Go up this room and to the left.

Jump over this ledge. If you fall down, you'll land in the room where your items were taken away.

Head left and punch this skeleton for a short sword. Equip it.

This skeleton drops a Red Rust. It's slightly more powerful than the Short Sword, but it's two handed and sometimes won't swing.

Head in this room to get access to a save point.

Save points allow you to save your progress and fill up on health. If you press select to view your map, they are represented as red squares.

Get the Cube of Zoe. Now you can hit candles to obtain hearts, items, and money. Head left afterwards to move onto the next section.