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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Alchemy Laboratory

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Head to the left side of the room. Jump on the switch, which will lower the spikes. Break the globe to recieve a hide cuirass. Equip it and head up.

There's a save point here.

Drop down from this area, and head right before moving onto the next area.

Break this blueish stream to get a leather sheild. Equip it.and head onto the next room (left and up).

When you enter this room, attack the letmost wall for a heart-up and the ground here for a life-up. Go up into the next room.

Manipulate the box and spike switches to create a raised platform. Follow the path (up and right) to eventually reach a cloth cape. Equip it.

Head back to this room, and go up and left instead. Fight the Axe Lords, and head to the left room.

Drop down from this ledge, and circle back up on the left side of the room.

There's a save point here. Continue on up.

Break this candle for an axe item. This will make the fight against Slogra and Gaibon much easier.

Attack Slogra (Green Guy) with your sword to make Gaibon pick him up. While they're airborne, use your axes to try to hit both of them.

Once you've killed Slogra, it's time to focus on Gaibon. Gaibon has a tendency to shoot fireballs. You can block these with your shield.

Do enough damage to Gaibon, and he'll turn red and shoot giant fireballs. These can also be blocked with the shield.

If Slogra lands on the ground, he's about to shoot a huge succession of fireballs. Crouch right next to him and slash away with your sword. You won't get hit.

After you kill Gaibon, you'll get a life-up. Head right.

Go through this room. You'll eventually reach an elevator. Ride the elevator down.

The middle stop is a room that contains Sunglasses. Equip them and continue going down.

The bottom stop contains a room with a cannon. Attack the lever, which will break the wall and allow you to pick up the Basilard. I don't recommend using it, it's attack range is very poor. Go all the way back up the elevator and into the room with the bloody zombie.

This room contains a save point. Keep going up until you get to the highest doorway.

"This hallway is a good place to learn your first spell: Dark Metamorphosis.

Drop down in this room.

You'll find a globe. Break it to recieve a potion. Head right and up until you see a door.

This door leads to the Marble Gallery. Go through it.