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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Marble Gallery

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Head right and destroy the Axe Lords. When you come to a pit, drop down into it.

This door is a save point. Continue down.

Work your way through this room until you come to a crossroads. Head left.

Here, you'll find the Spirit Orb. This item allows you to see how much damage you do to enemies. Head right after you get it.

Fall all the way down, and head left.

"You'll run into a plate lord. He's pretty easy to take down, but watch out, he throws his Iron Ball at you.

In this portion of the room, ghosts will infinitely spawn near you. Don't worry about the candles too much, most of them only contain $1. There's a $250 bag near the middle in one candle. Finish this segment, and drop down.

"Near the end of this room, you'll run into Cthulu. Cthulu does insane amounts of damage, so you're going to want to run away or dodge it's attacks. I reccommend picking up the throwing knife item and using that at range.

Step on this switch to raise the wall. Heal if you need to, and get ready to backtrack. If you want to face Cthulu again, backtrack through the Marble Gallery, or you can complete the Alchemy Lab again.

Backtrack to the first crossroads where you dropped down into the pit, or the save point next to the Ouija Table enemy. Climb up the stairs and head right, into the clock tower.

After going right, you'll have a cutscene with Maria, one of the protagonists from the previous game. After this cutscene finishes, continue right.Work your way through the room sequence until you get to another crossroad.

"Drop down, and head left, kill a Ouija Table, and then head right. We can't do anything at the upper right area yet.

If you get turned into stone by the Stone Rose, wiggle the Joystick/D-Pad left or right repeatedly to break free. If anything hits you while you're petrified, it'll do massive damage.

Head through the door on your right, and move onto the Outer Wall.