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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Colosseum

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Head left until you reach a gas-only gate. Go up.

Head left and kill the Blade Soldiers and Blade Master. Drop down and keep heading left, until you hit a switch.

hit the switch, and drop the wall. Grab the Knight Shield and equip it. Drop down in the hole afterwards.

This is a save point. Head right.

When you reach the room with the Axe Lords and Valhalla Knights, use Soul Steal + Dark Fireball to take them down. Don't get hit by the Knights' Blades, they do massive damage and will kill you if you're not careful. Keep heading right.

This is a save point. Drop down and then head right.

Kill all the Blade Soldiers for a Heart Up at the end. Turn around and head left.

Pick up the Blood Cloak. Go back to the room with the Valhalla Knights, and clear it out. Once you've destroyed them, head left and drop down.

Head right to pick up a Green Tea.

Afterwards, head all the way left. You'll run into a room with Armor Lords, Bone Muskets, and Blade Soldiers. Use a combination of Soul Steal spells and Fireball spells to clear this room out.

Pick up the Shield Rod. Head back up the spiral column.

Head right after you reach the top of the column. Enter the doorway and prepare for a boss battle.

Watch the cutscene. Minotaurus and Werewolf will spawn in immediately after.

"Minotaurus and Werewolf like to charge around the arena. Minotaurus will sometimes also use its axe to fling Werewolf around the arena, or try to chop you.

"The easiest way to take down these enemies is to use Soul Steal and Black Fireballs (Fireball + Hold UP while casting).

To 118 HP. After you defeat Minotaurus and Werewolf, head right. Step on the switch (opening the elevator) and pick up From of Mist.

Use a Library Card to be teleported back to the Library.