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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 2 - What Is Rightfully Ours

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Firstly, buy few soldiers and engineers to capture this two Tiberium Spike. Defend these two towers because it is your infinite source of money.

Build defenses and create more units. Enemy units will start attacking you.

Once your base is secured and have enough units, try to capture another Tiberium Spike here.

You will have a lot of money now. It's time to raid enemy base.

Here's another Tiberium Spike if three is not enough for you. :)

Before capturing the target building, make sure that your armies is big and strong enough to defend it. Also, don't leave empty your base without any units defending.

Another Tiberium Spike at far top right. Feel free to capture it BUT defending this building is far more important. Defend it while you can. Always bring more units here when needed.

Tips: Training many Venom (air units) is quite useful.

Keep defending your base and this building. In no time, you will beat this mission. Mission completed.