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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 1 - The Rio Insurrection

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In this mission, there are 4 main places that you have to go. All places except bottom right is quite hard to attack. So, it's advisable to attack other place first.

Before going attack somewhere, build defenses to protect your base and armies for protecting your Harvester. It's important to keep this Harvester alive.

Few Raider Buggies, Attack Bike and rocket soldiers is enough to raid enemy units.

Once you destroyed the buildings, enemy will send reinforcement. So be prepared.

What makes the bottom right area is hard to attack is due to the anti-tank defenses and snipers.

Enemy drop their snipers on the battlefield. What you should do is use your buggies to kill enemy soldiers when they landed. Then, destroy all the defenses with your rocket soldiers.

For top area, do not waste your time destroying all the buildings with garrisoned enemies. Just destroy one and then blow the target building.

Just like this. ;)

Then, destroy this building. No enemies guarding here. Easy.

To attack the enemy base, buggies and Attack Bikes is more than enough. Sending soldiers here also can but it takes time for them to reach this place, unless you like to wait.

Destory this building which will lead you to victory!

Mission completed.