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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 7 - The Doctor Vanishes

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Quickly, build three engineers and small armies and go here to capture these buildings. You'll need money to build defenses and units. This mission won't be easy like before.

You have strong defenses and many units? Then it's time to war.

If you wants, you can capture GDI buildings. So that you can build defenses and train more unit faster. No need walks from home. :D

More tanks more fun. GDI Mammoth Tank is far better than NOD avatar. So use them wisely. Also, don't forget about Specters for destroying enemy defenses.

Before capture the target building, clear the enemy in that area first. Especially rockets soldiers and anti-aircraft. If area cleared, continue proceed with your objective.

Next, defend the transport at all cost. Bring whatever you have to destroy all the anti-aircrafts and other enemy units.

Mad anti-aircraft. They will do anything to make you fail your mission. Beware.

Safely arrived? Congratulations. Mission accomplished.