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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 8 - MARV Rising

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Firstly, wait for MARV to come near to your laser obelisk. Then, attack it with all units you have. The MARV won't last more than 15 seconds.

Then, capture this Tiberium Spike.

Another Tiberium Spike. Capture it.

Tips: Train few Venom (upgrade it to laser attack) and quickly move to enemy base. Sneak it through the hill while avoiding any anti-aircrafts.

It has weak rocket damage, so destroy it with your Venom.

Destroy power plants first. You may need to send other units than Venom to get rid of all power plants.

Before capturing the building, make many Avatar. Some of it should guard here and other defending at the base.

Another MARV attacking your base. All units, attack!!

Again, to complete this objective. Use Venom but this time seek for enemy Harverster too. Don't let them have the money.

Left side enemy base is quite easy. Just send your Venom to clear that area.

For rthe ight side base, how about calling Redeemer for help? :D

Great no more enemies. You're victorious!