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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 9 - The Betrayal Of Kilian Qatar

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Eliminate all enemy soldiers here. Then, simply bomb all the anti-aircraft batteries. Look out for the sentry gun. It will hurt you a lot.

In this mission, there are no Tiberium Spike. So you have to build more Harverster to quickly gain money. Once you have enough units, attack the enemy base.

For next objective, use only the Commando to clear the way. If the engineer dies, mission will fail.

No tanks here, only soldiers that can be easily kill by the Commando.

Destroy this power plants.

And another three power plants here. When all six power plants destroyed, then you can safely enter the next area.

Protect the Attack Bike? This unit is super fast. Nothing can't go wrong. Just go through the enemy base and move to the evac point. Avoid any enemies.

Once the bike reached the evac point, mission completed!