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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 11 - Tacitus Interruptus

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In this mission, the first thing you have to do is select your Attack Bike units and command it to attack the moving MCV. Just attack it.

Make sure that the attack hit the MCV. If not miss, it will automatically expand. Then, command your bike to go back to base. Enemy might chasing you so be prepared. Build defenses and units.

Defend your base and in the meantime try to buy upgrades (if possible) so that your units become stronger and able to eliminate enemy faster.

No matter what, you have to capture this Tiberium Spike. You need a lot of money to build more units and defenses.

Another Tiberium Spike. Oh yeah. Tip: Try to garrison all the buildings around it for defense and also help in completing your objective later. Beware of grenadier. ;)

Before completing current objective, you can complete your optional objective first.

Capture that MCV. If its hitpoints too low, expand it and repair. After that, just command it to the evac zone.

When the MCV reached the evac zone, so your mission ends here. Mission accomplished.