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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 13 - Tacitus Regained

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This is the last mission and it's pretty hard if you don't have enough money. So, capture these building first.

Build more defenses and units. Also, guard your Harvester and Tiberium Spike.

Tip: Before attacking enemy base, make sure that you have Specters (for long range attack), Venom (for killing soldiers , aircraft and support) and Avatar (for destroying tanks and buildings). All these will help you a lot.

No need to worry if one of the target building destroyed. At least you have capture one then it's okay. ;)

Completing optional objective is much easier using aircrafts.

While waiting for the timer, clear all the remaining enemy units and buildings outside the barrier.

Also, clear this area if you wants.

Keep in mind that the enemy keep rebuild their buildings here even when you have destroyed all. So, always check and clear this area.

The final war is here! Send all your units and enjoy the show. :D

Capture the building and you're victorious! Congratulations, you have beat this game. :D