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Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath Walkthrough Mission 6 - All That Glitters

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First, avoid any enemy aircraft. Just walk like a normal soldier and stick together. They won't last long if flying.

Don't worry about the bunkers. It usually empty.

Kill all enemy in your way and just proceed your mission like usual.

Sometimes, this place got bug. If you place the beacon in front of the power plant but the game might not detect it, so place it behind the power plant. It should work though.

For next objective, move your shadow team to a safe place and for now let's just control all the Stealth Tanks and Specters.

Use Specters to attack enemy units and buildings while Stealth Tank protect it from getting attacked.

Without entering enemy base, you can just attack the target building using Specters.

To complete optional mission, you have to collect money more than 15,000. This is one of the place to get the Gold Bullion.

Another place to collect your money. Collect it all and complete the Gold Bullion optional mission.

Mission completed!