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Contrast Walkthrough Act I: The Problems of Three Little People

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Double back to the alley that leads to the Ghost Note, then turn right and follow that path back to the alley you took going to the Ghost Note from home. This time a gate will be open near the large shadows, pass through it and to the Excelsior.

Inside the hotel, move to the lift and drag the luggage cart to the elevator on the left. The elevator will come down just enough for you to pull yourself above it.

Call the elevator to the second floor, then go to the opposite side. You'll find two cranks there which have direct control over the chandelier.

Lower the larger chandelier to level with the third floor and the smaller one low enough for you to be able to reach.

Move over to the right and shift into the shadows, from there start jumping up the next platform and towards the third floor.

On the third floor, there's a call switch for the elevator that automatically calls it to the fourth floor (to the left of the elevator shaft, not the one directly placed on it.)

Now go to the other side of the third floor and you'll find a lone open door. Go through it and climb down, then open the door. Now you can freely move between the second and third floor.

Back at the second floor start manipulating the chandeliers again. This time, make the larger one level with the shadow on the left wall. The smaller one isn't really important.

Go back to the third floor via the stairs and head over to the left side of the hall. Jump on the chandelier's shadow and make your way to the physical chandelier, then shift out and jump onto the ledge.

Head through the door marked as an exit and smash through the wooden barricade with a caution sign on it. Turn right and some shadows will appear on the wall.

Shift in and step on the Kat's left shoe. Make sure that you're only stepping on the tip of her shoes and not all the way to where her foot inclines.

Climb up the piano and step on the ashtray. Wait for Kat to pick up the cigar from there and magically lift you off to the air with it.

Make your way to Kat's shoulder, then Johnny will place his hand on her arm. Move over to Johnny when he comes in contact with Kat.

Step on Johnny's shoulder and wait for him to lift his arm up, then move along the arm and onto his hat which he will then lift up.

Jump onto the shadow on the balcony, then shift out of the shadows and enter back into the hotel.

Turn right as you head inside, then open the door for Didi and watch the cutscene.