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Contrast Walkthrough Act III: Turn a Blind Eye Part 2

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Turn left after exiting Vincenzo's workshop and climb up the flight of stairs. Another cutscene will start.

After Johnny's amazing display of smarts, go down the stage and turn right. Head for the lighthouse.

Didi will fix the lights for you. Stick to the right side of the entrance and shift into the wall to enter the lighthouse.

To the left side of the room is a switch. Press the switch, then grab the spotlight and focus it on the wooden box right in front.

Jump towards the box and carry it, then shift into the wall. Now go back to the spotlight.

Navigate the light across the gaps on the wall and towards the left. When you're sure the box will fall on the ground, pull the light down and collide the box with a gap.

Return the spotlight to the light refractor on the right and place the box on the mechanism to the left. Now climb up the stairs that will appear.

On the second floor, the light isn't fixed. Jump towards the light as it comes near the stairs and use it to cross to the platform right in front of the stairs.

Grab the box, then wait for the light to double back and use it to carry the box towards the last platform on the right. Place the box on the mechanism.

Once again climb up the stairs and head for the next floor, turn around the corner and flip the switch on that side. Climb up the new stairs to proceed higher.

Flip the switch on the next floor, then shift into the square lights. Keep dashing through the lights, make sure to dash as the squares are going up.

On the next floor, touch the first spotlight on the right and climb up on the boxes, then onto the gears and towards the platform on the right.

Exit through the large hole on the wall and turn right, then drop down to the lowest platform and move the box from the doors.

Go back inside the lighthouse and interact with the second spotlight. You won't be needing the first anymore, so you don't have to worry about it turning off.

Shift into the shadows and place the box on the far edge of the platform. Go back to the spotlight and focus the light, then slowly bring the box up to the higher platform and lock the light into the mechanism that's glowing gold there, just below the platform.

Place the box into the shadow again, but make sure that it's not on the moving wall.

Go back to the spotlight and move the box across the wall to the right. Focus the light onto the second light refractor, then climb on the ledge to your right.

Grab the box and place it on the mechanism to make the light shine on the other side.

Now jump towards the opposite wall and shift into the shadows as you hit the wall.

Climb up to the highest pipe, then wait for the spinning one to come close then jump on it and make your way to the stairs.

Wait for Didi's shadow to run across, then jump towards the wall and shift into it. Move to the left and drop down on the platform.

On the next shadow, jump up on Johnny's head, then wait for Didi's shadow to appear and use her to climb up on the next platform.

From there shift into the next wall and dash through to the other side.

The light will shift again, jump onto the shadow of the railings and jump towards the large shadow, then dash across it.

Use the shadow stairs to cross the gap, then use Kat's head to climb up to the next platform.

Wait for Johnny's shadow to lower his head, then jump on his shoulder, then on the head and finally on the next platform.

Next is Kat again. Wait for her to place her hand on her waist, then just that to climb onto her and towards the next platform.

Climb up on Johnny's back then continue up the shadow stairs until you get to the top.

Use the bridge made out of items to climb up the very top of the lighthouse, then interact with the controls on the other side of where you climbed.

Focus the light from the lighthouse towards the stage that Vincenzo is on. The game will make a "locking" sound once you're place the light correctly. You can make out the purple shade to help you focus the light.

Once the spotlight is on the right place, the ending cutscene will start playing. Have fun!