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Contrast Walkthrough Prologue

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When the game starts, turn around and interact with the lamp to trigger the opening cutscene.

After the cutscene, Didi will sneak out through the window. Follow her and press space to jump through the open window.

Didi will ask you to fix the cart below. Run to the right and approach the wall, then press the left mouse button to blend into the shadows.

While in shadow mode you're able to interact with anything that is also a shadow, but you can't interact with non-shadow items. Further more you can get hit by a shadow and get thrown into the physical world, the same is true for losing light.

Climb down the stairs on the other side of the shadow and push the cart towards the window. Wait for Didi to jump down.

Didi will move a cart for you and it will cast a shadow on the wall at the right. Approach the wall and shift into it, then run up the shadow and shift out at the balcony.

Make sure to pick-up glowing light orbs, they're called luminaries and are used through the game as a power source for some puzzles.

Run down the balcony and stop right at the fork. Run up on the shadow at the wall and make your way to the other side.

Jump on the moving pedal like platform and jump on the shadow light post just before they pass through each other. Now jump on the balcony and take the luminary

Jump down from the balcony and head for the Ghost Note which is just at the end of the street, Didi will be waiting for you there.

Get to the door and open it, then head inside. You'll hear some voices as you enter and you'll get a new objective.

Turn right near the entrance and you'll find the breaker for one of the lights, flip it then go to the two spotlights at the sides of the room. Focus both of the lights onto the stage.

The third one will break and you'll have to fix it. Get on stage and blend into the shadow at the left side. Climb up the saxophone and onto the balcony.

Insert one luminary into the spotlight and focus it to the center of the stage to start the show.

A door will open on the left side of the balcony. Enter through the door to start a cutscene, then follow Didi out the back door.

Follow the alley until you find Didi, she'll open the door for you. Now follow her to the wooden fence and press the right mouse button to smash through it.

Head for the bar at the end of the street for a cutscene, then move the light source to the right side of the stage and as close to it as possible.

Fade into the shadow and jump towards the left balcony of the bar. Head outside and make your way to the fire escape at the back.

At the end of the fire escape you'll find an open door that leads to the manager's office. Take the film reel from the table, then go back to the fire escape and jump down to reunite with Didi.

Didi will lead you to the cinema, which is unaccesible at the moment. You'll then have to collect a couple of luminaries for the spotlight.

Place all three luminaries into the spotlight, then Didi will takeover. Head for the billboards and shift into the shadow. Didi will follow you as you walk through the billboard.

When you get to the other side, go behind the billboard and dash through the weak wood post holding the billboard up.

Go inside the cinema and you'll be presented by another puzzle. Move the woman to the left, then man at the center and Nosferatu to the left.

Make the man big enough to connect both Nosferatu and the woman together. The woman should be tall enough for her head to reach the left balcony and Nosferatu small enough for you to jump on.

The doors are closed here, so shift into the wall to pass through the door. Climb down the stairs and watch the cutscene.

After the cutscene, go to the right of the projector room and shift into the wall to get inside, then place the movie clip into the projector.

Exit the projector room then head down to the screen and turn left to find the exit.