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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Walkthrough Classic

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From the main menu, choose Play offline with bots, choose a game mode and map and press play. From here you can choose the game mode and map. First I'll talk about Classic Casual and Competitive.

In this game mode, the Terrorists are trying to plant the bomb, and the Counter-Terrorists. We'll look at the Counter T's first.

You spawn in ad have a few seconds to press B and buy weapons. The first round is always a pistol round, so for now you can only buy pistols. Charge out into the map to find the terrorists.

You win the round if the CTs kill all the Terrorists, but be careful, there are no respawns in classic.

If the terrorists plant the bomb, all is not lost. Locate the bomb and defuse it before it blows up to instantly win the round.

Now for the terrorists. One of them will spawn in with the bomb (always you if offline with bots).

Take the bomb to one of the bomb sites and plant it. Be sure to protect it too, so no counter-terrorists defuse it and win. When the bomb explodes, your team will win.

The terrorists can also win by taking out all the Counter Ts.

The differences between Classic Casual and Completive are simple. On casual Friendly fire is off, Team collision is off, and all the Counter Terrorists start with wire cutters. On competitive, Friendly fire and team collision are on, and wire cutters need to be bought. Competitive also goes for 30 rounds, while Casual only goes for 15.