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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Walkthrough Weapons Course

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Welcome to CS:GO! Let's get started on the weapons course so you know how to play!

Use the W A S D keys to walk up and press the E key to pick up the gun. Use the left mouse button to fire the gun at the target.

Now you get to shoot cardboard cut outs! Do the same as before, but shoot the enemy cut outs and not the friendly ones.

Time to hit the distant target now. Use short controlled bursts to control the recoil and kickback and get 15 hits in quickly.

There is now a thin piece of wood blocking the target. Simply shoot through it, your bullet penetrate thin surfaces. Again, short controlled bursts to get 15 hits.

Can't shoot through this thick metal though. Hold CTRL to duck down and shoot the target. Crouching also improves your accuracy a lot.

Pick up the rifle and pistol and get told about damage groups. After that, some cut outs with health bars will pop up. Shoot them down, and note how much damage they take when you shoot them.

Now you get to do the same thing, but with a timer! Don't worry, the time doesn't matter. If you run out of rifle ammo, don't forget to switch to your Pistol.

Time for the Grenade range. Pick up some grenades and throw them to blow up the dolls. Grenades can be cooked and bounce off walls. To get the one behind the glass, throw a grenade at the wood wall so it bounces to its feet.

Reaction time test now. Pick the pistol up and shoot the two targets in under 5 seconds.

You'll have to do that test again, so pick up the pistol and- *BANG* a flashbang drops and blinds you. Pick up the pistol again and turn around when the flashbang drops. Once it explodes, turns around and shoot the two target in under 5 seconds.

Time to learn about bombs, you traitor. Pick the bomb up and head to Bomb point A. To place the bomb hold left mouse or E while in a bomb point.

Oh crud! They planted a live bomb in Bomb point B! Head over there quickly to defuse it by holding E. It takes 10 seconds to defuse a bomb, but only takes 5 with the wire cutters.

Time for the live firing range! Pick up the pistol, Knife, grenades and the primary weapon of your choice. Head through the door to start.

The first room has three cut outs, shoot them down! Then grab some ammo and progress.

The next room has moving target and friendlies. Watch out where you shoot.

This room has tight blunders of cut outs, perfect for using a grenade.

Crouch under the wooden block, don't shoot the friendly and watch out for a flashbang that will drop.

Pull out your knife to run faster to the finish line. From here you can try again or quit to the main menu.