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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Chapter 6

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Stross will facetime you again and give you a new objective since Daina's dead and so is everyone else you know and love. Press B and head on your way!

Proceed to a save station, use it!

Keep moving till Stross harasses you again, then take the elevator.

Once you happen along the big corridor, prepare. You're going to meet a new necromorph called the Pregnant that'll blow up with delish swarmers if you shoot its tummy.

Aim for the arms, don't shoot its stomach then its arms or it'll cut itself open and you'll have created more problems than before.

A buttload of leapers will then come out, take them out whilst watching out for any more Pregnants.

After they're all dead (a Pregnant may try to sneak attack you, watch out) then proceed to the Store.

I highly recommend you purchase the Seeker Rifle from the Store. Remember when I said the Line Gun was effective? I should've mentioned THIS baby.

It's alt-fire (space) zooms in.

In the next room you'll find these cysts on the wall that shoot explosives if you come close. Shoot them with a Plasma Cutter twice to stop that from happening.

(beware of a Slasher) These cysts shoot out these little buggers that if you're quick enough you can take them with Kinesis and use them as a really strong weapon.

Once all the cysts are dead, feel free to use the Bench and the Power closet for a medkit and some ammo.

The next room will contain a fire. Being an engineer, Isaac must become a fireman by draining the entire room of oxygen. Do this by taking out the cells from both Oxygen stations and the one on the ceiling.

Boom, oxygen gone, fire gone, proceed.

There'll be lurkers in the hallway, so prepare your weapons.

Also, bring one of those power cells from the oxygen generators so you can power the elevator. Beware the Puker who's riding it though.

He tried to scare me :(

The elevator will bring you to a Power Node and a save station. Use both!

"Prepare for stalkers, they'll be everywhere in this. I hope you brought atleast a Javelin Gun or a Detonator if you have credits to bomb.

There'll be about 5 stalkers in this maze but you can nab one or two before they can charge if you get them when they peek at you.

If you survived that, head to the end and hack a terminal to open the doors.

Stross will then phone you some dementia-fueled BS and then you'll head to a room filled with crazy cowboy girl and a shitload of necromorphs.

Get close and you'll start a cutscene

After she leaves, take the elevator she used and walk into a room full of cysts, a pregnant and a slasher. It's best that you observe the room before you walk.

Then comes my favorite part of this chapter: the Daycare. Get ready for some explosive babies!

Momma's boy!


The babies are slow, feeble, and explosive. If you shoot their heads, you can throw their bodies at other babies, making them amazing grenades.

After another room of babies, you'll see another room of more babies.

After a dementia fit, use the door to your left.

This is the hardest part of the daycare. I hope you brought a Pulse Rifle.....and lots of ammo.

Some Pack will try to assault you before you can do anything, meet them with Bullet.

If you go behind the bleachers, an Enhanced Puker will come and try to nab you. Enhanced means its flesh is black, has more health, and extremely dangerous. It also drops enhanced loot!

Head backstage and hack the terminal to begin. You'd best use that stasis capsule.

Pack, explosive babies, and an Infector will all start coming at you from the Bleachers. Take them all out with any weapon (plasma cutter won't CUT it here, hurhurhaha).

This is what success looks like.

Take that Power Node! You'll start a cutscene with Nicole.

When you get to an elevator, Ellie will start a dialog about Stross and some boring lore.

Use the save station and break those lockers, you're about to get a boss fight.

After some dialog with Ellie, the lights will dim. Grab the stasis capsule and put it somewhere handy, and take out your best weapon.

To fight a brute, stasis and shoot the arms. If it charges, stasis and get out of the way by Sprinting. After some salvos from Isaac, a brute will die and drop a Ruby Semiconductor.

Once the brute and the cutscene is over, head down the hallway to meet some wall charges. Throw an object (or a bullet) past the lasers to trigger it without killing yourself.

At the end of that hallway you'll find a Guardian. These things are tough if you take your time, just shoot off the tentacles holding him to the wall to kill him.