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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Chapter 5

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Welcome to the Cryogenics wing! Keep following the locator and bashing in lockers, because the necromorphs are about 3 rooms ahead.

Doors, doors, doors.

Isaac will spaz out, once he does you're about halfway to the necromorphs.

A few rooms in and Pukers will bash themselves out of cryostasis, so prepare for a fite.

Another room, and you'll be attacked from all sides by both Pukers and Slashers.

After the Necromorphs die you'll happen upon the gravity control room or something, which is a brainless puzzle.

Simply use the cargo lift down to this spinny ball thing, and prepare to use Kinesis.

Hack the terminal first.

Then drag down all the arms that pop down with Kinesis to the ball until they stick.

If an arm turns orange and starts to make a ticking sound then Stasis the ball and put another arm onto it before it retracts.

Once completed, gravity will turn off. Press ALT and fly up.

Head up to the ceiling where the garbage chute is, fly in it before it closes (if it closes too fast try Stasis)

Then, reactivate gravity.

After Daina sends you <3 and xoxoxo over Facetime feel free to shop and use the bench.

The schematic for the Security Suit was somewhere in Chpt 4. If you didn't find it, don't worry.

Lookin' baws.

In the next room, you can activate the save station and the crawlspace by kinesis moving these pylons.

After the crawlspace you'll meet your first baby-zombie. Shoot its tentacles off to kill it easy.

After some slashers you'll meet this open hallway. You know that there's a bossfight coming. Equip the Plasma Cutter as most weapons will be ineffective here, until the Pack comes atleast.

BOSS TIME! Shoot the glowing yellow bulb that says SHOOT ME to kill this thing.

After it lets you go and runs away like a pansy the Pack will come, equip whatever weapon you feel best (preferably Pulse Rifle or Line gun) to take these things down by the hundreds.

Move forward on the stairways and you'll be met with a cacophany of Puker, Exploder and Slasher cries. Meet them with a salvo of gunfire.

After they're all dead then you'll happen upon a room with a lone disabled Stalker. It's kind of sad...

Once you reach the elevator and use it, don't go to the locator's directions just yet. Head to this room Isaac is ignoring to look at is hand and you'll find a power node + save station.

Once Isaac finds Daina he'll be betrayed and restrained (despite being in a 80 kg suit and armed)

Luckily a gunship will come and shoot the bitch and the guys holding your arms.

Unfortunately for you, It wants you dead as well. Prepare for this button sequence or it'll getcha!

Once Isaac falls through a chute..........(take out the plasma cutter!)

He'll be given a very warm welcome!

Simply shoot at the yellow arm every time you're in control of Isaac to piss it off.

Once it lets you go, use kinesis on the door Isaac is looking at and Stasis the bigass motherf*cker behind you and RUN!

Once the gunship comes, it's not over yet!

You two will be blasted into space, prepare to shoot a gas tank to escape.

Shoot the gas tanks the gunship's leaking!