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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1

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Upon saving, keep going through all the extremely linear hallways until you see two armed dudes.

Once trying to kill you, they'll be eaten by the ceiling.

Keep moving forward!

Upon seeing your first non-crazy cannibal you'll meet a serial killer who may or may not want to kill you. He won't start any button sequences, so chill out.

After he stops trying to gut you like a cornish game hen, he'll point you out to a locker containing a medkit and a Fle--Flashlight.

Basically every locker or compartment with a bluish light on it will contain goodies if you press E on them. Take the medkit and the flashlight and press Q to use the medkit.

After he saves your life, he will promptly seppuku.

I'm not exactly respectful for his aid. By the way, Mouse 1 when you aren't aiming to Punch and Spacebar to Curbstomp. If you don't desecrate his corpse then I'm dissappointed.

If you feel like i'm skipping too far ahead between every picture, don't worry. Press G to find the right of way and you'll be back on track even when my directions don't make sense.

You can even press the up/down arrows on the locator to make it change to pretty colors! Impress the necromorphs with your fancy LED display.

Keep on heading forward till you get to this compartment. Press E on it and keep going.

Prepare for combat. You'll be dropped out of a chute and forced to press E to stop this poor gentlemen's interrupted open-heart surgery.

Isaac will outfit himself with magical telekinet---I mean Kinesis. Press F on the spears that dropped out of the operating table and break the glass with them.

Then, with the spears, promptly meet the two cannibals that come out with lethal force.

Don't forget, once you've finished your mini caribou hunt you can always Punch or Kick (M1/F) on the kills to get some neat loot like Credits or a Med-kit.

Head to an elevator and prepare for a likewise fight except with more cannibals and some openable lockers for goodies.

You won't have much time to lollygag around. Take some extremely convienient spears and annihilate some necromorphs. Remember to smack them corpses!

After leaving the observation room, you'll happen upon another poor gentleman's open heart surgery. The problem is that he is still alive. Rectify this anomaly.

Quickly end his life by pressing E on this console. Prepare for some cannibals to scavenge the leftovers.

Once the cannibals get to him, you'll have yourself a new heart surgery tool. Feel free to use it by using MOUSE-2 to aim and MOUSE-1 to fire. Aim for the arms so they can't shank you.

After successfully murdering three innocent people you can move on to the hallways.

You'll be attacked again, so this is the only time you can claim this was an act of self-defense. The last two cannibals were actually security.

After that, you'll be greeted by a man who's heart still hasn't been stilled by surgery. Don't bother following him as he manages to escape you.

Another attack. Remember, blasting away at them just wastes ammo. Press spacebar to change the Plasma Cutter's mode of attack and dismember them.

After that, the lights will dim and all the cannibals will be gone. Come to the desk and take this Power Node. They're represented by purple dots and are vital to your survival.

Keep moving on. Press E first on the glowing window with the cogs.

You'll get a prompt to "hack" a terminal. Just rotate the lit-triangle till you hit a blue space and then press Mouse 1. Repeat ad nauseam.

Right after that, you'll be met with a crazy berserker who'll kill you immediately if he gets to you. Press C [Stasis] to slow him, then turn him into mincemeat with your gun.

After slaughtering that fellow, you'll be greeted by a door that's been engineered to piss you off. Stasis it with C before it has the chance to close so you can pass.

You'll be met by some pukers having their way with a poor girl. Be her man in shining armor by cutting off both pukers' limbs.

Continue for some more Power Nodes (purplish dots).

After meeting up with your flashlight girlfriend you'll be met with a decompression chamber. Just shoot the red triangle above it to seal the hatch before you're sucked out into space.

Take a turn or two and be met with Houdini who possessed a corpse. Free his arms from his body with your weapon and save.

Don't forget the power node!

Then you can go use the store with E.

If you've dabbled in multiplayer before you've played the campaign you might be seeing a lot of free merchandise. Enjoy the quite advanced suits that you may get.

If you do not have the same free stuff as I did, don't worry. The bonuses are practically nonexistent and mostly cosmetic.

Lookin' baws.

However, I personally want to have a challenge, so I sold all that free stuff and got the Engineering Suit. You can wear whatever suit you want though.

Keep moving forward, you'll enter a vacuum. Don't worry about this just yet as 120 seconds is plenty for you to walk to the end of the hallway.

You'll enter a large room with boxes of ammo and a stasis recharge station. This just screams "boss fight."

Keep an eye on this stasis machine as you'll need to use it periodically if you enjoy life.


Keep moving away from this thing whilst spamming Stasis and shooting its yellow bulbs for legs.

Once its first leg comes off after your first salvo, it gets a lot easier.

Then the other...

Then it drops a Semiconductor! You can find these things spread out all over Dead Space. Sell them at Stores for credits to buy meds and ammo.

Keep moving on (remember to branch off from the main path to find credits and nodes!) until you see this glowy window. Use kinesis (F) on it to move it and then get inside with E.

Isaac will crawl into it and then you can press E at the end of the linear hallway.