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Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Beginning

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Isaac has pretty poor taste to be dating flashlights.

Once that cutscene ends, you're met with another cutscene of a guy giving you a full body cavity search. Just wait for the good part.

But don't worry, once he stops feeling you up he'll be promptly lobotomized by the nearest proboscis. You should probably prepare to get out of there.

Once Isaac gives flowermouth a nice decking, Run. Hold shift or you'll be eaten by flowermouth's brothers.

Keep running, ignoring all the doomed crazies and the tribe of cannibals quickly eating everybody alive.

Once you hit through a door, you'll be stopped by Sir IronJaw here. He'll start a button sequence, so mash E (or whatever button you use if you're on console). A lot of monsters will start button sequences if they get close so always have a finger on E.