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Diablo III Introduction

Welcome to Portforward's Diablo III walkthrough and introduction. If this is your first time starting up Diablo III, you will be prompted to create a Hero as you begin. Choose one of the five (or six, if you have the DLC Reaper of Souls), create a name, click Create Hero and you're ready to begin your adventure!

If you decide to mark the checkbox Hardcore Hero, your Hero will only have one life and even a single death would mean the entire loss of your character. I do not recommend this setting for first time players as many things in the game will kill you just due to a lack of knowledge of what does what.

Click Start Game and let's begin!

You'll spawn outside the town New Tristram. Follow the path East, dispatching the enemies along the way if you want for some experience.

Talk to Captain Rumford, the one with the gold exclamation mark over his head, to begin the first quest. Undead enemies will spawn from the pile of corpses behind you. You'll have to kill them all to complete the quest. Once you do, the door to the town will open.

Follow the path inside the town until you reach the Slaughtered Calf Inn. Click the portal on the door and you'll be inside.

Talk to Leah. Be prepared to face-off against more undead, but this time they'll be transforming right before your eyes!

After you finish them off, walk West to the room in the back.

Click Leah's Book and collect your first Journal piece. These are just miscellaneous items dropped in the game but they do give you some experience, and that's never a bad thing while leveling up.

Walk out back to the main Inn and talk to Leah.

Walk back to Captain Rumford in front of the gate to the town.

The cart will break and a Wretched Mother will besiege the guards. Kill her you'll be able to continue.

Follow the path on the ground. Along the way, you'll meet more Wretched Mothers. Kill them to complete the optional quest objective for more experience upon completion of the quest. You can explore this area as you walk around it and kill enemies, but follow the path to the end when you're ready to move on.

You'll reach the main Wretched Mother in this location near the Waypoint. Kill her to complete the quest and take the Waypoint back to New Tristram.

Talk to Captain Rumford. When your health goes low, the screen turns red like this. To chug a health potion, press Q, the default button to use a potion which will restore 60% of your total life. I found a new item and equipped it and it had vitality, that's why this happened to me.

Then talk to Leah.

Use the Waypoint back to The Old Ruins. Wait for Leah to open the gate and follow the path to Adria's Hut.

Enter The Hidden Cellar.

Kill the enemies that spawn. The boss elite here doesn't do anything special, just kite him and his minions around the cauldron if you have trouble with him. You can click the cauldron and it'll drop a potion just for you!

After you're done with those undead, talk to Leah and then walk out back from where you came.

Wait for the door to be busted open and continue along the way North.

You'll eventually reach the Cathedral and there will be a shiny blue hole in the ground. Enter it.

Now, this Cathedral is the first randomized dungeon you'll enter. Most areas in this game have random maps except the towns and the first couple of areas plus some other ones scattered through the world.. Let's begin exploring it.

As you explore, you might come across this pool of yellow stuff called the Pool of Reflection. Click on it, and it'll grant you boosted EXP gain for a short while, until you gain 25% boosted EXP. There is a similar pool that's red and it fully replenishes your health if you click on it.

Eventually, you'll find the entrance to the next area. Enter it.

You'll enter to find Deckard Cain being chased by some skeletons.

A skeleton elite will spawn. You can get an achievement for killing the skeleton elite before killing any of his minion skeletons, like I did here. I won't mention how to get all the achievements for the different bosses in this walkthrough unless I happen to get them as I progess.

After you dispatch all those enemies, talk to Deckard Cain and walk through the secret bookcase entrance he unlocks.

Take the Waypoint back to New Tristram. Your first Story cutscene will occur here. These cutscenes are all customized for your Hero class and even gender.

Talk to Leah and then Deckard Cain.

You now have access to the other side of the town, where the Mayor's wagon was blocking the road. Follow the path until you reach this man, Haedrig Eamon.

Walk to this cellar to the Northeast and wait for Haedrig to open it and walk through it.

All these people will turn into undead. Kill them all.

Haedrig's wife is here as well and she's an elite undead. Wait for her to turn and then kill her. Then, talk to Haedrig.

Walk out of the cellar and go Northwest to open the Northwest Gate.

You'll enter The Weeping Hollow. Explore this area and follow the main path on the ground until you reach the Cemetary of the Forsaken.

For most quests in this game, as you get within a certain distance, a yellow bubble ping will pop up on your mini map and that's telling you where to go to complete the quest you're currently on.

Walk through the front gate and explore the Cemetary of the Forsaken. The goal here is to find the Chancellor's Altar, which can be in one of the three Defiled Crypt dungeons here. There are four possible Defiled Crypt locations, the one in this picture, one North, and two Southeast, but usually only three Defiled Crypts will spawn in a game. It's random where the Altar is, you'll just have to explore until you find it.

You might come across this event while exploring the Defiled Crypts. Once you activate the Jar of Souls, skeletons will just keep spawning for 1 minute and you should kill as many as you can, because there is no spawn limit within the 1 minute. Once you finish the event, you can click the Jar of Souls for some loot.

The correct Defiled Crypt will have the Defiled Crypt 2 zone. Enter it once you find it, and prepare to face another elite monstrosity thing that guards the entrance to the Chancellor's Altar. Once him kill him, enter the Chancellor's Tomb.

Run to the end of the Tomb and click on the Altar. Chancellor Aemon will spawn as a specter. Kill him, and you'll be rewarded with the ability to Teleport to the nearest major town, one for each Act. Press T to teleport back to town if you're playing on the console version.

Once you're back in town, talk to Haedrig. He'll do a little blacksmithing, then you'll have to talk to him again.

Talk to Deckard Cain. Then, take the Waypoint to the Cathedral Garden.

Enter Leoric's Passage.

Run to the door that was previously locked. Now you can unlock it. Once you it finishes unlocking, enter it.

This is another randomized dungeon, so explore it and eventually you'll find the entrance to the next area.

Close to the entrance, there will be some Necromancers performing some dark spell binding on a man. Kill the Necromancers and free him.

He'll do a little talking and then you can talk to him to see what was going on and start another quest.

Follow the path and turn into this ally to click this chest so the Templar can have his equipment back.

Continue along the path until you read this staircase blocked off by spikes. The Templar will break down the spikes so you can walk down.

Now it's time to kill Jondar, a Templar who betrayed the order and is being hunted down by your Templar friend.

Kill him, and talk to the Templar. He'll offer to join your party if you so wish to have him accompany you. There's no negatives to accepting his help. If you decide to have him follow you, you can press F to see his equipment and spells he can use. Each follower has four tiers of spells they can use, each unlocked by your current level. In each unlocked tier, click one of the two spells to have your follower use that ability in battle.

Walk down the stairs and enter the next dungeon. Explore it until you find a hole into the ground like this.

Enter it, and just follow the path until you reach this door. Unlock it and enter it when it's finished unlocking. As you're exploring your way up to this door, you might notice Leoric's Sword, which upon activation, starts a little role play between some ghosts. It isn't required to progress, it's just for a little extra history for the game.

Kill the skeletons guarding the gate at the entrance and then reach this skeleton lying on the throne and click to activate him.

Time to fight your first major boss! The Skeleton King. This one will probably be more difficult than any boss you've encounterd in this game so far, so I'll explain his abilities.

He'll do forward-moving cleave and whirlwind attack doing Area-of-Effect damage. Just move to the side and a little away from him to avoid the damage.

He will also summon a skeleton party, teleport away, then summon another skeleton party. Kill these skeletons as he'll just keep spawning them occasionally and you don't want to be overwhelmed by a skeletal army. Every once in a while, he'll also teleport onto you and do an attack at the same time, hard to avoid but it is possible to avoid it if you time an escape ability, like Vault, correctly.

Once you kill The Skeleton King, a path will open up where he was initially resting. Take this path down to the Desolate Chamber and walk to the source of the undead's restlessness. Talk to him.

After you finish talking to him, teleport back to town or use the Waypoint here.

Talk to Deckard Cain, and then talk to him again to begin the next part of the story.

Take the Waypoint to the Cemetary of the Forsaken and go North into the Fields of Misery.

Find the Khazra Den. It's not on the main path so you'll have to do some exploring to find it.

Once inside, follow the path until you reach the middle. There will be some zealots and cultists here. Slay them all.

Eventually you'll kill them all and you'll be able to pick up the Glowing Sword Shard. Do so and teleport back to town.

Talk to Deckard Cain.

Then talk to Leah.

Take the Waypoint back to the Fields of Misery. The Waypoint is given to you even if you didn't find it while exploring for the Khazra Den.

Follow the path until you read The Old Mill and talk to the Soundrel standing outside. Keep talking to him until he opens the door.

Head inside when the gate opens and talk to the Brigand. We're going to do something about these Brigands pestering this family!

Once you've killed all the Brigands, talk to the Scoundrel and then head to the gate North. Wait for the Scoundrel to open it.

Follow the path until you reach the Waypoint then talk to the Scoundrel. You'll have the option of having the Scoundrel follow you instead of the Templar at this point. I prefer the abilities and tanky stats of the Templar so I declined his offer (all followers not accompaning you will be at the main town where you can talk to them to see their gear/spells and have them follow you instead).

Head down and talk to Alaric.

Head Northwest and wait for the bridge to be ready for use.

Explore this area until you find either the Crypt of the Ancients or Warrior's Rest. It doesn't matter which one you find first.

In the Crypt of the Ancients, explore it until you find this Beacon of Light and take it.

Continue exploring the Festering Woods until you find the other area you didn't clear.

In the Warrior's Rest, follow it until the end to find this Beacon of Honor.

Press M to bring up the Waypoint map and select the Drowned Temple. If you do it while inside the Crypt of the Ancients or Warrior's Rest, it will say you're already in the Drowned Temple but you can still teleport to the actual Waypoint of the Drowned Temple. Then walk down and place the two beacons on either side of Alaric.

The bridge will open up and you'll be able to enter the Drowned Temple.

Once inside, start killing everything you see. You'll get this achievement if you kill the three Elites here with one ability.

Move on and talk to Alaric. He'll open the door for you.

Kill all the cultists Maghda spawns.

Pick up the Glowing Sword Shard when you can.

Teleport back to town and talk to The Stranger.

Follow the path West, as West as you can go until you reach this Ferryman.

Follow the path until you reach the center of this town.

Kill the enemies that keep spawning. You'll have to kill an Elite boss and then one Elite pack.

Talk to the Priest when he becomes available.

Enter the Wortham Chapel Cellar.

Go to the middle of the chapel, but Maghda beat you to it and stole the final piece.

Teleport back to town and head to Cain's House.

After the cutscene inside the house, talk to Leah.

Take the Waypoint back to Wortham Chapel Cellar.

Exit the cellar and go to the otherside of the chapel and through the gate. Follow it until you reach the Caverns of Araneae.

This is another randomized dungeon and by far my least favorite. There are so many dead ends but you'll have to explore it until you find the Chamber of Queen Araneae. Enter it, and prepare to face off against one giant spider and her spawn (which I suppose are pretty giant as well).

Walk to the end of and get near this lady in the web. She'll start talking but once she finishes, Queen Araneae slithers down from her throne.

She'll drop pools of venom on the ground. Avoid them, and do as much damage as you can. Twice she'll run away and summon her spawn to fight you for a short while.

After you finish her, go over to the pool of venom here. Click on it, then go over to the lady in the web and click on her. The venom will destroy the web holding her.

She'll open the door behind her. Enter the Highlands Crossing.

Wait for her to walk forward a little and get her bearings. Talk to her when she's available to give a quest.

Time to find the Khazra Staff. Explore this area until you find it, and be ready to face off against some Khazra and a Khazra Elite when you pick the staff up. The staff won't be on the main path.

Follow the path and you'll reach the Khazra Barricade. Enter it.

Follow the long path until you reach Leoric's Manor Courtyard. Bust open the door and head inside.

Enter Leoric's Manor.

Explore it until you find all the cultists down here. Slay them all.

Talk to the Wounded Man.

Follow the path behind him and enter the Halls of Agony Level 1.

Explore this dungeon until you find the Halls of Agony Level 2.

Explore this dungeon until you find the Highlands Passage.

Follow the path until you reach The Cursed Hold.

Talk to Queen Asylla.

Now you have to free the prisoner's spirits from their bones in this prison. It's random where they are placed, so just explore the dungeon and when you find circles of yellow on your minimap like the ones in this picture, go to them and free the spirits.

When you find all six, walk to the middle of the prison and wait for The Warden to show himself then dispatch him. There's a new Warden in town!

After you kill The Warden, go Southwest and follow the path until you reach the Halls of Agony Level 3 and enter it.

Explore the dungeon until you find the Chamber of Suffering. This is the final boss fight of this act, so make sure your gear and skills are all ready. You won't be able to change your skills once inside until you kill the boss.

This hulk of a monster is called The Butcher. He has three main abilities to watch out for. Always be on the move during this fight. The squares you see on the ground will be lit on fire during the fight for short periods of time. If you take too long to kill The Butcher, the entire arena will be lit on fire and it'll be very difficult at that point.

He'll target you (or a party member at random, if you're with a group) and charge. You'll see an indicator on the ground for his charge path. He'll collide with the wall and stun himself momentarily.

He will also throw this hook at you. Before he does it, he stops and reels the hook back to throw in your direction. If you get hit by it, it'll drag you into him then he'll do a power slam on your head and it'll cause of a pain. Do your best to avoid it! He'll also send a shockwave of spears in a cone direction towards you sometimes. The damage isn't sever and it's okay for it to hit you a little.

Once you finish him, go to the back and enter the Cells of the Condemned.

Follow the path to the bottom and kill all the cultists holding The Stranger.

Talk to The Stranger when you can.

He'll regain his power and you learn he's actually Tyrael! Talk to him

Teleport back to town. You can use the Town Portal he creates.

Talk to him in town.

And now the final quest in this Act. Talk to the Caraven Leader and you'll be on your way to Act II.

Act II

Once you arrive in the Hidden Camp, explore the town a little then talk to Leah to continue the story.

Head Northeast to the Caldeum Bazaar and enter it.

Talk to Asheara.

Head Northwest from the Caldeum Bazaar, past the gate, then follow the path until you reach the Enchantress and talk to her.

Follow the path until you read a dead end here. Cultists and their minions will spawn. Kill them until they stop spawning.

Talk to the Enchantress when you've killed all the minions and she'll clear the magic blocking your path.

Some townfolk and guards will be chased by Lacuni. Slay all the Lacuni.

Once you've killed the Lacuni, talk to Iron Wolf Jarulf.

Head North until you read this passage.

Wait a little bit and the Enchantress will reveal a path on the ground like this. Follow it, waiting a little bit each time the path dissappears for the Enchantress to reveal the next path.

The path will take you to the Hidden Conclave first. Enter it and kill every cultist inside.

Then walk out and wait for the Enchantress to reveal the path to the next area. Follow it and enter the Secret Altar and kill everything inside.

Once you've cleared those two places, follow the main path on the ground North and you'll reach a bridge that doesn't look fully there. Wait for the Enchantress to finish talking then talk to her. She'll reveal the whole bridge and you can cross it. At this point, you can have the Enchantress as a follower now. I still prefer the Templar over her, but I'd use her over the Scoundrel. This is the last follower.

Follow the path until you reach the Khasim Outpost and talk to Lieutenant Vachem. Then enter the cellar to the right.

Kill all the cultists and guards in this room and unlock the Locked Cage.

Walk back out to the Khasim Outpost and all the guards here will turn into Deceivers. Slay them all then talk to Captain Davyd.

Walk to the South of the Khasim Outpost and wait for Captain Davyd to open the gate.

Walk as much Southeast as you can. The area here is randomized but the entrance to the next area is always here.

Go East and prepare to face this Elite. He doesn't do anything special to be worried about. Dispatch him and continue along the path.

Once you enter Alcarnus, you'll find you have the option of rescuing the caged prisoners. Do so for bonus EXP upon quest completion.

Follow the path in Alcarnus until you reach the Lair of the Witch. Be prepared to face Maghda now. You won't be able to change your spells until after you kill her.

Maghda is the first main boss to fight in this Act. The attacks she does are easy to dodge and don't hit too hard, but she'll summon all these cultists around the aea that will transform into stronger demonic versions of themselves. Kill as many as you can before they transform. She'll also summon a party of demons that will explode upon death after a few seconds.

Once you've killed Maghda, teleport back to town and talk to Tyrael.

Go to the Caldeum Bazaar and walk to the West to find this scene playing out. Wait until you can talk to Asheara then do so.

Walk with her and talk to her again. You'll be teleported to the Emperor immediately after.

His guards will turn into Deceivers arfter you finish talking to him. Kill them all then exit into the City of Caldeum.

Fight your way until you reach this middle part. The Demonic Summoners are blocking your path, so kill all four of them to continue.

Continue until you reach the Sewers of Caldeum. It'll take a few seconds for the porthole to open when you reach it.

Go to the middle and slay all the enemies torturing Leah's mother, Adria, then talk to her.

Teleport back to town or use Adria's Town Portal she opens up.

Talk to Adria.

Then talk to Leah.

Go back to the Caldeum Bazaar.

Head West then South and enter the Flooded Causeway.

Follow the path until you reach where Emperor Hakan II is waiting for you and talk to him.

He'll open the gate and you'll be able to progress and enter the Ruined Cistern.

Explore this area until you find the Path to the Oasis and enter it.

The Dahlgur Oasis is pretty large and there is no path on the ground for you to follow, but explore until you find The Forgotten Ruins.

Enter it and clear your way until you reach the Head of Zoltun Kulle. Click it and defeat the enemy Elite boss that spawns.

Teleport back to town and talk to Adria after she finishes talking Leah.

Keep talking to her.

Zoltun Kulle will be revived in spectral form. Talk to him.

Head back to the Dahlgur Oasis. If you teleported while you were in the ruins still, you can use the stone at the back to teleport to the Dahlgur Oasis.

Head Northeast in the Dahlgur Oasis and eventually you'll come across a bridge and then a door. Wait for Zoltun Kulle to open it for you and enter the Ancient Waterway.

Walk to the back and enter the Western Channel.

Explore this area until you find the Westen Flow Control.

Click the Lever here.

Take the revealed path to the Eastern Channel.

Same as the Western Channel, follow it until you reach the Control room.

Click the Lever here.

Take the revealed path back to the entrance of the area.

Now you can enter the Waterlogged Passagge.

Time for you to meet my favorite character in the game! Walk a little forward and you'll reach a Talking Barrel. Clear all the enemies around the barrel. Before you click on it, you can wait outside the barrel and listen to every thing he has to say. You'll get an achievement for doing so, but it can take anywhere between 5-10 minutes as he repeats a lot of phrases. Anyway, break the barrel when you want to and free him.

Introducing Covetous Shen! Talk to him.

Continue along the path and open the Aqueduct Door.

Continue to find and enter the Hidden Aqueducts.

Explore this area until you find Gaven the Thief. The curse on the Crucible has turned him mad. End his misery.

Pick up The Crucible.

Follow the path and enter the Ancient Path.

Explore this area until you find the Cave of the Betrayer Level 1 or the Vault of the Assassin. There is no path in the Desolate Sands and it's randomized every time. Enter whichever you find first.

I found the Cave of the Betrayer first. Explore the cave until you find the Cave of the Betrayer Level 2.

Find the Blood of Zoltun Kulle at the end of the cave. Dispatch all the enemies that spawn and click the stone in the back to teleport to the Desolate Sands.

Continue to explore the Desolate Sands until you find the other area, in my case the Vault of the Assassin.

Explore it until you find the Blood of Zoltun Kulle at the end. There will be an Elite Boss guarding after you pick it.

Take the stone back to the Desolate Sands.

Go North and then Northwest to find the Archives of Zoltun Kulle. This is always in the same spot and area of the Desolate Sands.

Continue along the path until you reach middle of the Terminus.

Choose if you want to go left or right. It doesn't matter which way you choose first.

Unlock the Shadow Lock in both areas.

Use The Terminus portal in each area to teleport back to the Terminus.

Once you've unlocked both Shadow Locks, take the path in the middle and enter the Realm of Shadow.

Explore this area until you find the Body of Zoltun Kulle. Slay the Sentinels guarding it and pick it up.

Take The Terminus Portal back to the Terminus.

Talk to Leah.

Prepare to face another main boss. Enter the Soulstone Chamber when ready.

Yep, you guessed it, Zoltun Kulle repays the favor of you ressurrecting him by trying to kill you. He'll have two Stone Guardians guarding him. It doesn't matter if you kill them or not before Zoltun Kulle except if you want the achievement to kill Zoltun Kulle before killing his guardians. Zoltun Kulle will have three main abilities at his disposal: A tornado that travels around damaging anything in its path, a bubble on the ground that slows your movement and attack speed if you're inside it, and a hail of stone from the ceiling. He'll also shoot fireballs at you from time to time. They're all avoidable and you can kill him without taking any damage if you dodge properly.

Once you kill Zoltun Kulle, collect the Black Soulstone in them middle and teleport back to town and talk to Adria.

Then talk to Leah.

Go to the Caldeum Bazaar and head to where the Sewer entrance was but talk to Asheara.

You'll have 2 minutes to save as many Refugees as you can find.

Gather a group of Refugees at a time and then lead them back to the Sewer entrance. The green meteors falling from the sky will kill them in one shot so guide them around the meteors. Each civilian rescued gives some EXP and some gold. If you rescue every civilian before the timer runs out, it'll finish the event.

After that, head Northwest to the City of Caldeum.

Head to the middle and slay Kamyr as his magic is blocking the path.

Continue along the path until you reach a group of Elites guarding the Imperial Palace and kill them and any enemies around.

Leah will open the door for you. Prepare to face the final boss of this Act, The Lord of Lies. When you're ready, enter the Imperial Palace.

This boss has three stages. Begin by slaying all the Deceivers Belial spawns.

Belial himself will then come down. Start attacking him. When he reaches less than 25% HP, phase three begins. You cannot kill him in phase two no matter how much damage you can do.

Stage three Belial will have four abilities he can do. The first is just a slam with one of his hands on the ground. There will be a green circle marker like this one to tell you where he's planning on slamming.

He'll do a combo hit of three attacks. One for each arm like this.

Then he'll a power slam with both of his arms like this in the three-hit combo.

He'll do a green breath like this either clockwise or counter-clockwise. It's avoidable if you use an evasion ability in the opposite direction of the way he's rotating, like Vault for Demon Hunters.

His final attack is a rain of meteors all over the ground. It takes a couple seconds for the meteors to fall after the indicator for them pops up and it is possible to avoid all the damage here but it'll take a lot of dexterity on your part to do so.

Once you defeat him, collect his Soul and teleport back to town.

Talk to Tyrael.

Onto Act III! Talk to the Caraven Leader and you'll be off. Check the merchants in town and see if there are any gear upgrades you'd like to buy before you leave though, as you cannot come back to Act II without exiting the game and starting the story progression over from the game menu.


Act III is pretty hectic. The main town you'll be using is constantly under siege and enemies even pour into the town later on. Begin by talking to Tyrael.

Walk down the stairs to the Armory.

There will be a little scene between Adria and Leah playing out here. You can watch it or go into Bastion's Keep Stronghold.

Explore the city until you're familiar with it and then take the path Northeast and head into the Skycrown Battlements.

You'll have to light the five bonfires here. Follow the path and light the bonfires along the way. I've got all five bonfires lit in this picture and their locations. They should be exactly or at least relatively near what my map says. The orange fires are the bonfires.

Talk to Sergeant Dalen.

Walk into Stonefort.

Follow the path until you reach Captain Haile and talk to him. Enemies will spawn from the grate and then from the elavtor that comes up. Kill them and proceed to the first catapult you need to raise.

At the first catapult, talk to Sergeant Burroughs. Go Northwest a little and kill the demons attacking the barracks.

Once you kill the demons and free the workers, they'll start to raise the catapult themselves. Just stand beside them and protect them while they do their thing. The less that die, the faster it'll raise. Once you finish here, continue to the second catapult.

At the second catapult, talk to Lieutenant Lavail. He'll tell the the workers in the barracks to come out and start doing their jobs. Same as the first one, protect the workers, just there are more enemies this time.

After you finish with the second catapult, head onwards to the third catapult and talk to Lieutenant Clyfton.

There won't be any workers helping you with this catapult. It'll just be you, Lieutenant Clyfton, and tons of demons. You can click on the winch every few seconds, but don't forget to kill the demons that spawn as they'll continue to spawn until the catapult is raised.

After you raise the third and final catapult, teleport back to town and talk to Tyrael.

Head Northwest and kill the demons attacking the stronghold, then enter from where they came, The Keep Depths Level 1.

Explore this area until you find The Keep Depths Level 2 and enter it.

Explore this area until you find The Keep Depths Level 3 and enter it.

Explore this area until you find The Larder. This is your first main boss to fight in this Act. Ready yourself and enter.

He has two main abilities he uses. He summons little yellow gobs like the ones here and he puts clouds of poisonous gas on the ground at your location from time to time that last for a while. If you take too long to kill him, he'll increase his rate of spawning poisoning clouds and you will eventually not be able to move without running into a cloud.

Once you defeat him, teleport to town and talk to Lieutenant Lavail.

Head right and into the Armory.

A scene will play out. Talk to Leah when you can.

Head back to the stronghold and go Northeast, straight across the bridge and into The Arreat Gate.

Follow the path until you reach Sergeant Pale and talk to him.

Explore the area until you find the Bridge of Korsikk and cross it. Explore the next area and find and destroy the three Demonic Ballistae and the Trebuchet. Their locations are on the map shown here, or at least one possible set of locations if its randomized every game.

Head Northeast until you reach Rakkis Crossing. Tyrael will be here. Talk to him and then continue following the path.

Follow the path until you reach the Edge of the Abyss. This is another major boss fight. Prepare yourself and enter.

The Siegebreaker Assault Beast has few troublesome abilities he can use. One of his abilities is to grab (if you're close enough) and just squeeze you for pretty decent damage. He'll also summon these giant demons on the sides that will spawn the demon beserkers. If you can't kill the boss fast, I recommend killing them first so you don't get overwhelmed with enemies. He'll also do some ground sweeps with his claws in front of him, easy to avoid.

Once you defeat him, head a little south and talk to Adria.

Go to where the Siegebreaker began and enter the Arreat Crater Level 1.

Follow the path until you reach the Tower of the Damned Level 1 and enter it. Explore it until you find the Tower of the Damned Level 2 and enter that.

Explore the Tower of the Damned Level 2 until you find the Heart of the Damned and enter it.

Follow the path until you reach the Sin Heart here. Cydaea will drop down and defend it. Damage Cydaea until she runs away and the magic guarding the Sin Heart will dissapate. Kill the Sin Heart.

Go Northwest and follow the path until you reach the Arreat Crater Level 2 and enter it.

Follow the path until you reach the Tower of the Cursed Level 1 and enter it.

Follow the path until you reach the Tower of the Cursed Level 2 and enter it.

Follow the path until you reach the Heart of the Cursed. You will face off against Cydaea for serious this time and won't be able to change your abilities inside until you kill her. Prepare yourself and enter.

Cydaea is pretty easy. She'll shoot some bolts of venom at you sometimes, spawn some minions, but not much to worry about. Kill her, then kill the Sin Heart.

Go behind the destroyed Sin Heart and follow the path until you reach The Core of Arreat and enter it.

Follow the path until you reach the Heart of Sin. This is the final boss in this Act, the Lord of Sin.

Azmodan will have three abilities you will need to watch out for. His most common one is this fireball that chases you around a few seconds then explodes on either hitting you or in mid-air if it doesn't reach you. He'll summon demons and portals for demons. You should kill them both, demons and demonic portals, if you can't kill Azmodan fast enough. As you are fighting Azmodan, he will leak this red/black ooze heading towards the center of the map. If you can't kill Azmodan fast enough, the entire area will be covered in the ooze and you'll have no safe spot to be in.

Once you kill Azmodan, collect his Soul and teleport to town.

Talk to Sergeant Lavail.

Head to the Armory.

Enter the Bastion's Keep Watchtower.

After the cutscene, click the Portal to Heaven and you'll be done with Act III and onto Act IV!

Act IV

Walk forward and talk to Tyrael.

Enter The Vestibule of Light. Prepare your skills for a boss fight.

Right off the bat you'll be fighting one of Diablo's commanders, Iskatu. He doesn't have any abilities to worry about. Just wait for him to come out, damage him, he'll run away, then he'll come back and rinse and repeat while killing his shadow minions.

Follow the path and talk to Itherael when you reach him.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.

Explore this area until you find the Library of Fate. Another boss fight with one of Diablo's commanders. Prepare yourself and enter.

Rakanoth has two abilities to watch out for. He'll spread ghostly daggers in a cone in front of him and he'll teleport onto you and smack you sometimes, like the Skeleton King did back in Act I.

After you finish him off, go to the back of the room and break Auriel's Prison.

Talk to Auriel after they finish talking.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.

Destroy the corruption in this area until you find this Hell Rift. It's random which corruption holds the Hell Rift so just destroy any that you can find.

Hammermash will be guarding the Rift Oculus. He's an Elite Boss and his only attacks are a power slam in front of him which has a really long wind up time but hits very hard. Kite him around and kill him.

Destroy the Rift Oculus.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.

The portal to the next Tier is available now. Search for it and enter it.

Kill more corruption here like you did in the 1st Tier and find the Hell Rift.

Sledge will be guarding the Rift Oculus. Same as Hammermash, kite and kill.

Destroy the Rift Oculus.

Enter the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

Search for where Tyrael is fighting and help him out. The minimap should have an arrow pointing to where he is when you enter the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier. Talk to him after you kill everything around him.

Enter The Crystal Colonnade.

After the cutscene, go to the back and enter the Gateway to the Silver Spire.

You'll run into the ghosts of people who have died since you began your journey. If you talk to them, you'll have to face an Elite Boss, but they're purely optional. It's just Diablo's way of trying to instill terror into you.

Reach the Silver Spire Level 1 and enter it.

Find and enter The Great Span. Go to the back of the area and you'll be fighting another one of Diablo's commanders, Izual. This poor guy has died like a bunch of times now. He used to be Tyrael's lieutenant but then got killed by Diablo and then by players in Diablo 2 and now by you, hopefully! Anyway, he has two abilities he'll do throughout the fight. The first will probably be these ice balls on the ground that explode really quickly and freeze you in place so be constantly on the move during this fight.

And he'll also do this explosion of frost which will inevitably freeze you (unless you have an item or ability that prevents you from being frozen). I got unlucky here and he did both the ice explosion and ice balls under me a second later so I was frozen for a good 10+ seconds.

After you kill him, go to the Northeast and enter The Silver Spire Level 2.

Explore this area until you find the Pinnacle of Heaven and enter it.

After the cutscene, talk to Tyrael.

This is it. The Lord of Terror himself. Prepare your gear and skills, this fight will be a long one.

Walk to the end of the hallway and the fight will ensue after a cutscene. He has four main abilities to watch out for. The first is a fireball he'll throw at you. If it hits you or anything, such as your pets, it'll explode and deal damage within its explosion circle constantly until it fades. The fireball actually hit my Bat in this picture.

Watch out for the black corruption on the ground. After a couple of seconds of it being on the ground, it'll trap whatever's inside in a bone cage and Diablo will teleport to you and deal a lot of damage to you while you're stunned. Diablo will cast this, and while he's vulnerable when casting this ability, focus on moving because he'll continue to spawn the black corruption under your feat untill he catches something or doesn't and gives that up.

He'll do an explosion of fireballs radiating outwards from his body. The gap between each fireball increases as they travel but it's almost impossible to dodge if he casts it while you're near him. Rule of thumb for fighting this guy, always be on the move and always keep your distance unless you're a melee Hero, but still be on the move even then.

The final ability to watch out for is this spray of electrical fire. He'll do it in a cone towards you like this. Just go clockwise or counter-clockwise around the arena and you can avoid the damage until he finishes casting it, but he won't cast this ability until after you defeat Shadow Diablo, which will be explained in the next picture.

When you do enough damage to Diablo, he'll stun you and teleport you to his Realm of Terror. There you will have to fight and kill a Shadow version of Diablo who will have all the abilities I've mentioned that normal Diablo can do. Sometimes he'll disappear and summon a Shadow Clone of yourself who will have some abilities of your class. Kill the Shadow Clone to force Shadow Diablo to come back. Once you kill him, you'll be teleported back to fight Diablo again.

Talk to Auriel to finish the game.

Congratulations on beating Diablo III! More adventures await those who have the DLC Reaper of Souls. Hope this guide was helpful and enjoyable! There is tons of content to explore in the world of Diablo III. Have fun!