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Dont Starve Walkthrough Starting a farm

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Next to start securing some food income, create a shovel. With shovels, you can dig out roots from chopped down trees for extra wood, but more importantly..

You can dig out and relocate Berry Bushes closer to your base.

This way, food will spawn very close to your base and once In sufficient amounts, you won't even have to go away to get food.

Continue mining rocks in the morning and slab up a nice gold nugget collection.

Once you have a big bunch of stone, learnt he Cut Stone recipe and make a bunch of those.

Once you have both planks, wood and some gold, you can make an Alchemy Engine.

It is a more sophisticated version of the Science Machine and allows even more recipes to be made.

When your screen goes red, It's a dead-on-it's-way sign that you REALLY need to eat or die from constant health loss.

Once you have ample supplies of Manure, you can go ahead and fertilize those berry bushes you moved in order to have them yield berries.

After a couple of nights, It starts to become a good idea to build a Wall to keep bad things out of your base. Get a bunch more stone from your Quarry and cut the stone to create Stone Walls.

They keep things out on a block-to-block basis so segment them well.

You should have a respectable amount of cover with not too much stone.

Now It's time to start boosting our food supply for real. Create a couple of Improved Farms.

These turn random seeds that you find across the map to valuable bits of food once planted.

And If you noticed, trees are starting to become scarce around the base. Take all the dozens of pinecones just lying around and start planting trees.

Creating a massive future income of wood requires next to no effort and should be done fairly early.

Flipping up any further berry bushes you come across should also be done If you have the manure for it.

If you are lucky enough, you may also come across a Pig Village. It will be filled with Pig houses along with a Pig King. You can give the Pig King certain items to receive massive amounts of gold nuggets in return.

Start by killing some of the lone pigs around, then put up a campfire close to them and create a hammer.

Hammers are things that enable you to demolish structures. In this case, we're gonna use them on the pig houses.

Trying to kill the pigs while they are in close proximity to eachother will end up them grouping up on you. When this happens, simply run away.

Eventually, almost all of them will give up and run back.

Kill the ones that are still chasing you and pick them off for precious meat and pigskin. If you find yourself running low on twigs or flint or just killing other things increasingly often, create a Spear. It's a sturdy melee weapon that lasts for many, many hits.

Once they are dead, start smashing down their houses.

This will yield with any pig inside coming out along with huge amounts of supplies being dropped.

With enough pig skins, You'll be able to create your own pig houses in the Structures tab. Pig houses essentially spawn pigs after a time, meaning you can kill any pigs wandering around for meat or feed them for manure.

You generally only want one or two of these pig houses close to your base of operations as they wander around, running infront of your things or just eating up any food on the ground.

Next up is to create a Thermal Measurer. It will tell you when rain will happen. Which means you'll need extra wood for campfires.