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Dont Starve Walkthrough End Notes

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Place it somewhere close-by but not blocking-close. Next up, create a Lightning Rod. These will protect you and your base from devastating random lightning strikes and also give you electricity for future recipes.

Eventually If you placed seeds in your Improved farm, they will yield "Crops". Harvest these when they appear and replant seeds and don't hesitate to create more or adjust these farms along with more chests If you need additional storage according to your needs.

At this point, you should have a stable source of food income, a wall to keep foes at bay, personal storage, protection and warning towards dangers of nature and a few friendly neighbours.

"Which means this is the conclusion for out Don't Starve tutorial! Have fun exploring and don't be afraid to die eventually. Dying essentially ends your world and unlocks new characters and content for you to play depending on well how you did in the initial game through XP.