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Extreme Pamplona Walkthrough Spain and Bonus Levels!

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Finally is Spain again. This level is almost identical to the first level, albeit backwards and maybe a little harder. Reach the ending stage and step on it. You've completed the game! If you want to complete the other levels we didn't do, I have a few ti

Either Luxembourg or Netherlands (red, white, blue, horizontal.) is a very simple level, just keep jumping and you should be fine.

Next is Switzerland, this stage can be a little difficult as one mistake can mean you need to restart. Jump over the cliffs, and avoid the rocks on the ground. Don't jump over the ramps or the pole to grind on.

France is a lot like Russia, but a little easier. Go through and over statues, and at the end jump over the stairs made of statues to reach the end.

Finally is Sweden, many of these things bounce you back, causing the man chasing you to catch up to you. The men in the sauna and the bonfires mainly. Just progress through the stage avoiding these things and you should be fine, this is a relatively easy

And that concludes our tutorial! I hope you learned something, now try and go up your time.