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Gone Home Walkthrough Part 1: The 1st Floor

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As soon as the game starts head on over to the left side and open the cabinet. Grab the Christmas duck and you'll find the main door key underneath it.

Take the key and go back to the main door. There's a note posted on the right door. Read it, then proceed to unlock the door and enter the house.

Inside the house turn left and you'll see some boxes. Get closer and examine the folder that's sitting on top of it and you'll receive a journal entry from Sam.

Now head over to the right side of the stairs, turn on the light and open the drawer on the cabinet. You'll find a letter inside that's addressed to your mother.

After reading the letter head over to the left side of the stairs and start switching on the lights on the drawers.

You'll find an answering machine on top of one of the drawers. Start playing the messages and listen to them before proceeding to enter the door on the left side.

After entering the door, use the light switch that's on the right side wall to switch on the lights. Then turn left and open the closet door.

Inside the closet you'll find a school bag with a piece of paper sticking out of it. Examine the paper and you'll receive another journal entry.

After receiving the journal entry leave the closet and open the drawer that's near the closet door. You'll find an obituary of the former owner of the house.

Now proceed further down the hall and into the last room on the right wall just before the corner. Turn on the light switch inside that's on the right side of the door.

To the right side of the room you'll see a filing cabinet. You'll need a combination to open the first one so go inside the room that's on the left side from this cabinet.

Inside the room switch on the lights. The light switch is on the left side of the door. Once you've switched on the lights go around the bookshelves on to the other side.

On the far right side of the bookshelf you'll find a folder sitting on one of the layers. Open the folder and you'll find the cabinet combination as well as a letter. Read the letter and use the code to open the filling cabinet.

Leave the room and go inside the T.V. room that's on the far left corner of the corridor.

Switch on the lights and go over to the bookshelves. There's a box on the lowest layer of the last bookshelf. Examine it, then head over to the door on the opposite side.

Turn on the light and read the story. Close the closet behind you and turn towards the T.V. cabinet.

On top of the T.V. cabinet you'll find a pink book with a note on it. Examine the book and put it back down to receive another journal entry. Now leave the T.V. room there's nothing more to see here.

After leaving the room, look to your right and you'll see a small crumpled paper near the trash bin. Examine it and you'll have a better idea of what your sister's going through.

Head inside the first door on the left side of the corridor after you finish reading the paper. Go behind the bar table and examin the piece of paper inside the box. Then go to the sofa and open the folder to read the assignment. Now head over to the door beside the bar.

Inside the cabinet you'll find a piece of paper that's attached to one of the clothes that are hanged there. Read it and you'll receive another journal entry afterwards.

Leave the room and proceed further down the corridor. You'll see another drawer cabinet. Open the bottom layer and you'll find a note inside. You'll receive another journal entry after that.

Now head back into the foyer and climb up the second floor.