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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Blitz Play

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When the mission begins, drive the trash truck to the waypoint to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, park the garbage truck horizontally so that it blocks both lanes of the street.

Once the armored car makes it stop, fly out of the alley and broadside it with the tow truck to start the robbery.

Get out of the tow truck and plant a Sticky Bomb on the back doors

Then, step away and detonate it.

Once that happens, police and SWAT will start arriving in droves.

Start shooting them and aiming for their heads for headshots.

Shortly after a few cops are gunned down, more cops begin to swarm the alley behind Franklin. Move away from the front and get to cover in the back alley and start shooting at the incoming cops and SWAT. If you don't take these guys out, they will swarm behind Michael on the stairway and kill him, so keep an eye out!

When the back alley is cleared, switch between Michael and Trevor and continue gunning down baddies (as Mike)...

...and shooting rockets (as Trevor).

After several more baddies are down, Franklin gives the heads up about snipers on the rooftops.

Switch to Trevor and snipe down the THREE SWAT agents on the adjacent rooftop.

Once all three snipers are down, switch back to Franklin and Michael and continue gunning down agents and officers from the front and the back alleyway until Trevor gives the heads up on an incoming chopper.


Get a good aim and then blast it down for the Gold.

With the chopper down, switch back between Michael and Franklin and continue to pick off any of the remaining officers and agents until Michael gives the green light to leave the area. Switch to Franklin and get into the trash truck and drive over to the getaway vehicle.

After you arrive at the getaway vehicle, park the trash truck a good distance away and then place a Sticky Bomb and detonate the truck.

Drive away with the getaway vehicle and the game then switches to Michael.

From there, drive up the hill to Devin Westin's house to complete the mission.