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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Bury the Hatchet

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If you choose Michael to trigger this mission, watch the opening cutscene and then get into a vehicle.

Drive over to the waypoint at LS Airport to trigger another cutscene, and then take the long drive to the cemetery at North Yankton.

When you arrive at the church, traverse to the back of the cemetery to find Trevor doing some dirty work.

After the convo ends, a battle with Triads triggers.

If you chose Trevor for this mission, watch the opening cutscene and then get into Mike's car.

Drive over to the waypoint at the Sandy Shores airfield and then take the plane and fly to North Yankton.

"After reaching the waypoint in the sky, a different cutscene with Trevor is triggered showing him digging Michael's grave when he arrives at North Yankton. From there, the cutscene with Michael is the same followed by a Triad battle.

Before things go any further south between you and Trevor, the Chinese gang after Trevor appears. Take immediate cover.

Three men will come up the stairs on the left in this picture. Kill them all, and rush down and grab the Assault Rifle one of them is carrying.

Keep rushing forward and take cover behind this large stone.

Clear out the fellows circling around to your right then play peek-and-shoot with the guys in front of you.

Advance slowly around the left side of the church, keeping to cover and watching for flanking movements on the left.

Don't try making a run for it, just advance meticulously, shooting baddies from cover.

Make the run to your vehicle and then get inside to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene with Michael, the perspective switches to Trevor as he flies the plane back to Sandy Shores.

Listen in on the phone call he gets and then safely land the plane at the airfield (don't forget to put down the landing gear) to complete the mission.