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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Derailed

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When the mission begins, hop onto the Sanchez and hightail it towards the railroad tracks. Follow the GPS as the trail leads onto the tracks and behind the train.

Take the dirt road to the right to elevate above the train. From there, Trevor has three tries to jump on top of the train.


If done correctly, Trevor should be able to land on top of the train (a short cutscene will keep you from falling off). Land the jump from the first dirt road to get the Gold.


Once Trevor reaches the front, he'll assume control of the train.

Rev up the train and then it'll switch to Michael.

Speed up towards the river and a cutscene will occur. After the cutscene, drive up next to the orange cargo car and toss a Sticky Bomb at its doors.

Detonate it to trigger a gun fight with Trevor and Merryweather.

There are three waves of Merryweather guys to shoot, so be ready and stay in cover at that giant log.

For the first wave, a gang of gunboats and helicopters will drop in, so pick off the gunboats first and then deal with the helicopters.

For the second wave, several gunmen will be on top of the bridge. Equip the Sniper Rifle and then turn on Thermal Vision. Zoom in on the bad guys and snipe them quickly to clear the second wave.

For the third wave of baddies, you'll see a helicopter and a pair of parachuting guys.

Shoot down the chopper and then use the Sniper Rifle with Thermal on the baddies that are perched on the mountainside.

With all three waves cleared, hop onto the boat with Michael.

From there, you can either use Trevor to gun down the pursuing Merryweather guys or switch to Michael to control the boat.

After all the baddies are dead... the boat to the waypoint at the beach to complete the mission.