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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Paleto Score Setup

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To trigger this mission, drive over to the meth lab and go upstairs. After the cutscene, go downstairs and enter Michael's car.


Once you arrive at Paleto Bay, drive to the waypoint to trigger a cutscene with Lester.

From there, drive to the bank and take a look at the front door.

Then drive behind it to case the joint.

When prompted, bust out a weapon and shoot the alarm (the green-colored one).

And then get back in the car and wait at the nearby gas station (park the car in the OPPOSITE direction).

After a minute or so, the Police arrive and Trevor gets spooked.

From here, you need to drive back to the meth lab by either using Michael in his car or switching to Trevor and his motorcycle.

The path going up the mountain can be tricky with all it's twist and turns but you should be able to cut off Trevor (or vice versa) while driving up the terrain.


Once you get back to the meth lab, Lester sets up the score.

Choose an additional gunman for the job (a good choice would be Packie or Chef) and the mission is complete.