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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough The Paleto Score

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After the opening cutscene, get into the van and drive to Paleto Bay.

Drop off Franklin at the waypoint and then drive over to the bank to start the heist.

Follow the boys into the bank and let your gunman handle the explosives on the door.

When prompted, kick down the vault door to start grabbing the cash...

...and to trigger a cutscene.

As you exit the bank, Trevor will be equipped with the Minigun (Mike and your gunman will have rifles), so start blasting away!


First thing on the agenda is to clear out the police cars in front of the bank. Blow them all up and keep moving forward.

After several cars are blowed up, Mike signals an incoming chopper, so aim upwards and shoot it down to trigger the next objective.

Follow Mike and your gunman into the adjacent apartment building.

Blow up all the cop cars that try to block you off.

Continue past the nearby houses and shoot down the wooden fences. Keep moving forward into the street to encounter some more police and a few surprise guests.

As you enter the street, several NOOSE vans show up for some fun.

Blow them up and continue moving forward while shooting incoming cars.

A military chopper flies in with some firepower, so shoot it down to trigger a cutscene. From there, enter the lumberyard and shoot down the military trucks. Either stick with Trevor or switch to Michael to hold down the lumberyard. After several military are gunned down, the game switches to Franklin.

Drive the bulldozer down the street towards the lumberyard. Several cop cars will block your way, so smash thru them and shoot at whoever is in the way.

Enter the lumberyard to pick up Trevor and Michael.

Drive out of the lumberyard and into the next street. Make a left turn and some Rhino tanks will zoom in. Enter the factory to start the next segment.

Get into cover and shoot your way thru each of the factory corridors and rooms.

Make your way towards the loading docks and your gunman will give the signal that he's found a getaway.

Get up onto the loading docks and take cover and hold off the military until Mike gives the greenlight to leave.

Once Mike gives the greenlight...

...approach the incoming train to complete the mission.