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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Friends Reunited

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When the mission starts, drive to the waypoint back the biker gang at the trailer park. Once there, you have several objectives to complete.

The trailer park attack is a matter of patience. Go around the perimeter while avoiding the bikers for the moment and attach the Sticky Bombs to each trailer.

The Sticky Bombs can also be thrown at a high arc so rather than approaching the trailers in the center of the area, toss the bombs at them to avoid detection

Don't worry, Trevor's got a good throwing arm.


Once Trevor detonates the bombs, the other bikers will come after him, so take cover and get the rest of those headshots!


Once you've attached all five of the Sticky Bombs, detonate them to complete this section of the mission. With the trailer park is destroyed, get back in the truck and drive to Los Santos. The next waypoint will be just above Vinewood Hills where Trevor makes a short pitstop. From there, drive down to Vespucci Beach to complete the mission.