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Heavenly Sword Walkthrough Ch 4 - To Kill a Fox

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This guy is a pain in the ass to kill. There are two sides to this fight. When he is on the ground, an all out attack works fairly well on him. He will do some damage to you, but you will respond in kind. When he takes to the air he will send one of two types of attacks at you. He will send a light blue attack at you, or a stronger yellow attack. You can counter the light blue attack by pressing the triangle button when you block them.

To block the yellow attack, hold your strong stance button. To counter the yellow attack, hit the triangle button with the strong stance button held down. When you counter an attack you will have a chance to afterTouch it back to Flying Fox. The yellow attack after touched back to him does quite a bit of damage.

You can also after touch these attacks in to the life jars on the rim of his birdcage.

Once you have his first health color down, you will get a short cut scene. After that he will start summoning clones of himself. They are pretty easy to take out. When you get him down to his last color, he will summon a ton of clones to fight you. I like to use the ranged stance to weed them down to a manageable level.

Take out the last few, and you switch to the thought to be dead Kai. Shoot him with an arrow, and he's dead! Then you find yourself back at the main menu.