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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough "Death Factory

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Call the elevator

"Open the door be agressive here is easier

"Keep going ahead in the corridors

"Climb down

"Climb up

"You need to reach there

""Jump the window

"Keep going left

"Climb up

"Go straight ahead, in the bridge climb down

"Follow the light

"Turn on the generator

"Go down stairs

"Pass by the group of people using instinct

"Take care

"You can't open this door keep going

"Keep going to find the stairs in the right

"Climb up

"In the bridge climb down

"Keep going

"Pull him out

"Go to the ledge again

"Climb down the ledders

"Open the door

"Go to the ledge

"Go up stairs

"Wait the man fix it to kill him and take his clothes


"Open the door

"Keep going

"This a hard part try to throw something away to pass quickly

"Jump the window and again disble the security

"Keep going, the mans will talk a long time

""Go sneak

"This is a hard level probaly you will die a lot, go ahead and jump the window to disable the security