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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough "Fight Night

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"Go to the exit


"Play the video

"After killing him behind the place you turn the vents off you will see a bridge to leave this area

"You have differents ways to kill the doctor, you can turn the vents off to get hide

""Turn right

"Go down stairs

"Wait his death

"Put it on the lotion

"Go to the next room and take the fire paste

"Climb down and enter in the chemical lab

"Find the exit

"Disable the security

"Jump the window

"Keep going

"Go straight ahead

"Now enter in this room

"Make all the way back

"Wait the doctor to kill him

"Come back and disable the security


"Go sneak and jump the window

"Turn right to see a entrance

"Climb the ledders

""Turn right and climb up the

"Keep going

""Turn left

"Call the elevator and after that go right

"That is the way you will open

"Como back to the initial room and open the door

"Enter in the room and take the files

"Wait the man fix it

"Activate the alarm

"Unlock the door

"Take the keycard

"Go straight ahead and enter in the room on the right