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Chapter 1 - Why We Fight

Follow the resistance members and kill all enemies in the way

Escape through the suburbs, use houses as cover against enemy fire

Defeat the guards at the KPA patrol zone, take advantage of the walls and cover

Defeat the LAV with C4 on the building to the left of it, then proceed to follow the Resistance

Defend the house from the KPA, use the bar area as cover

Chapter 2 - Golden Gate

Follow the Resistance group on their mission

Destroy the Sentry by throwing a frag underneath it, you need to flank it

Head into the Elementary school

Follow Connor

Assault the checkpoint, try to take cover behind street objects as the sentry will tear you apart

Run underneath the scaffolding to the right of the street to move up, flank and destroy the sentry

Get in the labor camp and meet up with Arnie

Fight off the set-up

Pickup the beacons

Kill the enemies in the station(Avoid the sentries)

When close enough to the sentry toss a frag at the base of it

Regroup with the squad after killing everyone

Hide from the Choppers in the mass grave

Chapter 3 - Freedom

Attack the parking lot full of enemies, don't waste your ammo on the burning ones

Follow Rianna, jump over any fire in your way

Control Goliath(NP-Up) and push forward

Repel the reinforcements, use the tower to the left for a marksman spot and focus on the left building and right watchtower, killing these while the middle is mopped up by your team

Head under this wall

Get ready to breach and clear through this door

Follow connor and rianna to the walkway ontop of a shack type structure, while you go up the ramp there are two enemies straight behind you, connor will open the door

Sprint to the tanker, go right and take out the enemies in your way, don't lose speed and get trapped in cover, push forward quickly moving from cover to cover

Sweep through the burning store with your squad

Provide cover to your squad from the top of the store, using Goliath and the .50 Cal sniper

Chapter 4 - The Wall

Kill every KPA soldier in the vicinity

Protect Goliath, the RPG's will come from the 2nd floor of 3 buildings, two on the right and one on the left

Again, two RPG's will be on the right where the dead bodies are in the photo

Flank around the buildings and hit the tank with Goliath

Take out the KPA, move from cover to cover using barricades and walls to protect yourself

After taking down the first barricade head right up onto the scaffolding to provide cover for Connor

Break through the door and kill the soldiers in the room, then proceed to the barricade controls, take out the RPG's first then lower it

Chapter 5 - Fire Sale

Kill the Survivalists, use the LMG to spray and suppress the enemy

Stay undetected and listen to Connor carefully, he'll say whether you can shoot or not

Now you can go all out, first start with the front 3 then kill the ones behind, more will come from the left for you to kill

At this point you're caught in a crossfire between the Americans and Koreans, you are instructed to shoot all of them

Move from cover to cover and quickly push to take ground from the survivalists

As you head into the church turn left and head up the stairs, take cover at the top as there are many enemies to shoot you

At the top only shoot MARKED targets, Connor will call them out for you

Jump out of the Church and run towards the helicopter, try to strafe and spray enemies

Chapter 6 - Heartland

Make sure to kill all enemies below you before they can get a shot off on you

Carry on down the road

Head under the tunnel, avoid moving sideways or you may hit the walls

There will be Escort Vehicles you need to shoot when you emerge from the tunnel

Follow Connor's orders

Escort and protect the trucks

Make sure to take out the SAMs on your right

You'll need to take out the blockade further up with rockets

Follow the trucks and protect them

Protect the stranded tankers from the waves of enemies

Chapter 7 - Overwatch

Take out the Koreans with the Grenade Launcher(Unlimited Ammo)

Land and move up with the US Army

Clear the building to the right of where the tank comes in

Storm the building next to it

Use the RPG off of the dead bodies to destroy the enemy Tank

Follow Connor up the bridge

Kill the enemies repelling onto the catwalk

Assault and secure the checkpoint

After regrouping with Rianna and Hopper at the checkpoint, head through left up onto the ramp looking thing

Fight your way through the bridge

Destroy the Sentries with either C4 or a grenade

Take out the enemy chopper with the Rocket launcher

Take out the two watchtowers first, then the flanks and finally flank the middle

Defend hopper from the enemies

Use the UCAV and destroy the enemy vehicles

Kill the enemy Goliath

Congrats, you've won!