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I am alive Walkthrough Skyscraper

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When you get inside the building, look to your left and jump on the metal tubes. Make your way to the platform on the right side using these.

Slide down the slope and slow yourself down so you can grab onto the pipe at the side, then shimmy to the left and climb up on the surface.

Go around the floor and up the stairs. Climb up on the collapsed part of the higher floor and slide down the slope. Press the LMB to slow yourself down and the RMB+A to move to the left while sliding down.

Shimmy over to the right and start climbing up the pipes to get to the next floor.

Jump up on the wood stock and slide down the other side. Go around the crates and you'll find a group of thugs. Don't move and wait for them to approach you.

Kill the first one that approaches you and shoot the one on the left side first since he's holding a gun.

You can either make the third one back up on the fire and kick him to it or just do a regular machete kill on him. Just don't shoot him cause it's a waste of bullets.

Head over to the left side of the camp and you'll find the destination marker. Approach the barricade and press E, then spam the LMB to lift it up and get to the other side.

Use the unfinished pillar as a ladder and climb up to the next floor. Head across the room, up on the wood stock and down on the other side.

There are enemies here, four of them. Kill the first one that approaches you with your machete, then shoot the one behind him with your gun.

Keep your gun up and point it at the guy on the far right side, the one who looks older. Shoot him too and the last guy will surrender, knock him out and grab bullets from the other gunman.

Go further inside the building and you'll find a staircase around the back near the windows. Climb on the stairs and proceed to the next floor. Open the barricade that leads outside once you get there.

You'll immediately be greeted by three thugs as soon as you pass through the barricade. Shoot the large thug, he's visibly large. After killing him point your gun at the smaller two and they'll surrender.

Knock the other two out and turn around. You'll find another barricade door that you can open up. Head in through it.

Head forward and you'll find some makeshift bridges that will lead you to the other side of the area. Cross to the other side and head inside the elevator.

You need some jerry cans to operate the elevator. Exit the elevator through the other side and climb up on the steel bar there and get inside the building.

As you enter the building head to the right side of the platform that you're standing on. There are some exposed metal bars hidden on the back, climb on them.

Use the turned down ladder and make your way to the other side, then continue to shimmy to the right side and drop down on the lower floor. Pick up your first jerry can.

Now drop down on the side of the platform and climb up a little bit, then move to the right and use the pipe to climb down further.

Drop down on the lowest platform to get the second jerry can, then make your way back up the way you came.

This time you need to climb back up all the way to the top of the pipe and drop down on the nearby platform. You can skip dropping on the platform but you're stamina will suffer and you'll need to use a piton or some drinks, so I won't recommend it.

Climb back up the ledges of the pillar and make your way to the left. Jump towards the exposed metal bars on the wall and use those to get back to the other side.

Drop down from the last metal bar and head for the edge of the platform, drop down from there too and head out the way you came.

Get back inside the elevator and place the gas inside the generator to power it up. The elevator will now take you to the higher floors.

Climb down the left side of the elevator and make your way to the left. Use the metal beams to climb up to the open part of the building on the left side. You'll have to use a piton or burn your stamina to reach it.

Once you get inside the bulding, climb up on the exposed parts of the wall on the left side and make your way to he back the same way.

Drop down from the pipe and slow yourself down, then roll over to the right until you're sure that when you reach the edge you'll be able to grab the pipe there.

Now shimmy all the way to the right and climb up on the exposed metal bits of the wall. Once again you may have to use a piton or either burn your stamina or drink a soda. to make it back up the pipes.

When you do get back on the pipes, press space and you can use this as a resting spot. Shimmy over to the right and drop down on the slope again.

Slow yourself down and roll over to the left so you can grab the pipe on that side. Saves you the trouble of having to use stamina to jump from one pipe to the next.

Climb up on the metal edges of the building and use them to get back inside. Once inside you'll find another pipe on the right side pillar, use it to climb up higher.

Continue scaling the wall of the building and either use a piton or stop over at the open room on the right side, two floors higher than where you started.

Keep climbing up and use a soda if you need to. A piton doesn't make much sense in being used here since you're too close to the top anyways.

Climb up on the pieces of metal that's sticking out of the pillar that's holding the crate. Get on the side of the crate and press space to climb on top of it.

You have a grappling hook now. Focus on the exposed metal on the other side of the crate and press E to attach the hook on it. Adjust your swing to land on the floor and press space to jump.

Head for the edge of the platform and look up at the beams above you. Use the grappling hook and swing over to the platform on the left side.

Climb down the path and you'll find another part that you can use the hook on. Grapple onto it and adjust your swing so that you can jump towards the exposed metal parts on the righ side.

Climb up and to the left side of the metals, then use your grappling hook on the beam at the left side of you. Swing over to the large platform diagonal of it.

Slide down the floor and drop down on the metal pipes and onto the side of the collapsed building.

Here's the fun part. Slide down the entirety of the collapsed building just make sure that you keep going to the right so you can land on the floor beneath.

When you get down, head to the right and you'll find a collapsed metal structure that you can grapple on. Swing towards the metal bars on the other side and climb down.

Turn left as you drop down on the floor and head for another unfinished metal structure at the end of the path. Jump on it and use it to climb down and head for the destination marker.