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I am alive Walkthrough Acquiring the Radio Transmitter

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Pick up the hunting bow from the table at the back and speak to Henry. You can practice shooting here for a bit, then head out to the elevator.

Follow the path around to the right and exit the dust protection that's set up on the scaffoldings, then turn to the left and head out the gate.

Take the path to the right as soon as you leave the gate and turn left when you see the intersection. Keep going and you'll find a climbable part of the metal post. Climb up and take a breather, then climb back down.

Continue down the street and you should see a lamp post that's being used as a bridge towards the other side of the gap.

Cross the gap, then turn right and hug the wall on the right side until you find an inclined wooden path, climb up on it and up the ladder to get out of the dust.

Head into the corner and turn right to find the stairs, then follow in up. Head for the end of the path and you'll find a girl shouting, if you're willing to spend two bullets for her, approach her. Otherwise keep to the left side and drop down without getting close.

After leaving the roof, drop down again on the side of the building and climb down through the pipe line.

Back on the street turn left and head for the steel support of the train tracks, climb up on the closest one that you can find.

Turn right once you get on top of the tracks and keep heading in that direction until you start seeing some ships that are on the ground. A cutscene will automatically start once you get cloe enough on the rails.

Make your way down the curved end of the tracks and head for the building directly northwest of it, then start climbing onto the metal bars and into the building.

Enter the first room and head into the destination marker to enter the ship.

As you get onto the deck a couple of thugs will come and harass you. None of them have guns, so wait for the first to approach and struggle kill him.

Point your gun at the other two and get close to the fire, then drop your gun and wait for them to rush in. When they're close to the fire, pull it back out.

Kick one of them in before the other even gets a chance to react to you lowering your gun, then attack the last one. Of course if you have a bullet you can also shoot one of them and kill the other. Arrows work fine too but are too slow.

After dealing with the thugs, head for the right path of the deck and go all the way to the back, then take a left and another left at the end, you'll find a staircase there that can lead you below deck.

As you enter the dark space, turn left and you'll find that there are two paths. Take the one on the left and turn left again as you enter it. Descend down the stairs and into the brightly lit room.

Crouch down and turn right then approach them from the center path of the room. Draw your bow and shoot the one sitting at the middle, he has the gun.

Now pull up your gun and make the other two back off. When they get close to the fire, kick one in and kill the other. Pick up the bullet, then head into the room next to the hostages.

At the end of the corridor is a ladder. Use it to get back up on the surface of the ship.

As you exit into the deck another one of the thugs will approach you. This one has body armor, take out your gun or bow and press shift. Aim for his head and shoot. Pick up the body armor from his corpse afterwards.

Draw your bow and start heading up the stairs. Don't go up completely, just wait for someone to spot you and go back down. Wait for the thug to be in your sight and shoot him with the bow.

Pick up the bow and climb back down the stairs. Another thug will come chase you. Prepare your bow and shoot him when he gets close enough.

Keep walking down the path and turn left at the end. You can enter the door on the left if you want to. There's a pistol there that will give you one bullet, otherwise keep walking down the corridor, turn left and climb up the stairs.

Head towards the stairs right in front of you and climb up on it, then enter the room on the left to find the Transmitter.

The way you came through will magically close after taking the transmitter, so head down the stairs and dash to the next wall, quickly take out your gun and point it behind you. Shoot the larger man and point it to the other guy, he'll surrender.

Head over to where the thugs came out from and draw your bow before going down the stairs. Aim to the left side and shoot the first thug that comes. Quickly switch to pistol and struggle kill the second one.

Grab your arrow and head through the door on the left and into the next corridor. Draw your bow before you exit, then leave the door and look to your left, shoot the first thug and intimidate the second.

Head down the stairs and more goons are waiting for you back at the deck. Shoot the first one you see, then retreat back into the corridor.

Draw your bow and shoot the one closest to you, then take out your gun again and harass the others. Go and pick up your arrow while the others are scared of you and shoot another one with it. This needs to be done quickly before the armored guy can reach you.

Chances are the armored guy is probably already close to you, so draw your gun and shoot his head. Now you can easily kill the last one.

Head back into the bridge that connects the ship with the apartment and get back down on the street.

Once you're back in the street, don't go back the way you came. Instead head for the street sign that's nearby and climb up on the pipe at its side.

Walk towards the other side of the board and jump towards the pipe that runs on the side of the building. Now climb up to the roof.

Turn left when you get to the rooftop and head over to the rooftop right next to it. When you get there, climb up on the ladder that leads up the reservoir.

Head around the tank and you'll find a collapsed building at the back. Slide down the slope and open your map, you'll see that you're really close to Henry's place.

Walk forward into the street right in front of you and enter through the gates that lead into Henry's apartment. Get back inside and on the elevator.