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I am alive Walkthrough Fireworks Part 2

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We are going to climb that huge building, so I decided to split it into two parts. Okay head up the collapsed building and keep yourself to the right side.

There's a metal rail there that you can climb on. Jump on then move up, to the left and up again. Now head to the left and keep going until you go around the corner of the bulding.

Do a long jump on the gap between the bulding. Then climb up on the other side, take a breather and replenish your stamina bar.

Drop back down on the side of the ledge and jump towards the pipe on the left, then make your way up.

Jump towards the pipe on the right and climb up, then to the left again. Drink a soda can or water before making the second jump. Don't waste pitons you're gonna need them later.

Climb down the ledge on the opposite side of the platform and shimmy over to the left, then stand on the ledge.

Look up and you'll find a grapple point on the bit of cement that's sticking out from the higher floor. Adjust your line and jump towards the pipes that are forming a ladder.

Climb up the pipe, grab the piton on the floor and drop down on the side of the platform, then shimmy to the right and pull yourself up on the platform.

Drop down on the right side of the platform, then continue climbing up on the pipe right beside you. On the first fork on the pipe, go left and jump the gap. Jump the next gap too, then climb on the surface.

Approach the shattered window on this floor and drop down on the side of the building. Get on the beams and start making your way up.

Make your way to the open window four floors above where you started, you can see the curtain being blown by the wind there. Use drinks if you have to.

Head into the next room, but keep quiet. Draw your bow and shoot the guy who's sitting at the middle of the sofa, then hide back behind the canopy. Take out your gun and shoot the other thug on the sofa.

Head for the sofa and another guy will jump you. If you can react fast enough then maybe you can kill him with your machete. If not then just shoot him with your gun then collect your arrow.

Turn left past the sofa and into the next room. Turn left again and enter through the first corner. You'll find the stairs in the first door on the right.

On the next floor you can breathe easy. No enemies here just some survivors that banned together. Head into the corridor and out the office, then turn left and take another left to find the elevator.

Drop down on the elevator at the right side of where you entered the shaft from, then jump on the metal beams and make your way to the left side.

Once you get on the elevator that's on the higher floor (left side), jump towrds the red pipe and continue climbing up.

Turn right as you exit the elevator shaft and climb out the side of the building through the window. Use up all your pitons here if you must. This is the last climb you'll be doing.

It's a fairly long way up. Use your pitons, Sodas and Water here. Just keep climbing until you get to the roof.

Once you get on the roof, head on over to the center and it will automatically set the fireworks in place. Now head forward and slide down the side of the building.

While you're sliding down the side of the building, enter through the first open window on the right side. You'll find a jerry can inside behind the turned over cabinet.

Climb back out the window and drop down on the ledge directly below you. Just climb out the window and drop, you don't even need to move.

Exit the room, turn right and drop down on the elevator shaft again. Put the gas can in and the elevator will start to move.

It won't take you down all the way, so exit into the cloth covered part of the shaft and draw your bow.

This old man will start walking towards you. I'm not sure if a gun would work to calm him down, but I shot him with a bow and he wasn't scared of it.

Once he's down, head into the office and take the jerry can on the right side, near the windows. Now head back into the elevator shaft.

Use the jerry can on the elevator right in front of the one you used to get down, then exit into the lower floor.

Turn left and follow that corridor to the end. The last window on the left side is shattered, climb down through there and head back to the streets.

Turn right and walk towards the camp. Some thugs will come and ambush you here. I sure hope you have a bullet left to make this a bit easier.

If you don't have any, then equip your bow and wait for the machete guy to come harass you, but keep your target lock on the guy with a gun at the left side.

Kill the first guy with a surprise kill, then quickly shoot your bow at the one with a gun. Run up to him take the bow and bullet then dash to the right.

Turn around and take out your gun, point it at the smaller guy and don't shoot. Wait for the armored one and shoot his head, then deal with the last one however you want.

Take what you can find, then open your map and head back to Henry's place. Where of course you'll be harassed by thugs again.

Surprise kill the one with a gun and shoot the armored guys' head. Don't worry about using up all of your bullets here. Trust me.

Instead of heading back to Henry's apartment like you usually do, just keep going straight towards the other end of the street to find the amusement park.