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And that is why you should waste the bullets. Turn right after the cutscene and climb up on the metal support for the banner on that side, climb around it and drop down inside the amusement park.

Before you do anything, head to the left and grab the arrow that's stuck on of the targets there.

Now head back to the right and go behind the snack bar. Peek out the right side and shoot down both of those thugs that are guarding there.

Sometimes there are three of them, so if there are three then run past him but make sure to run across the other corpses and take the arrow then fire at him.

Take their guns then climb up the stairs on the right side. Walk on the catwalk and drop down when you see a break in the railing. Ready your bow and shoot the thug inside the alley.

Enter the alley and take back your bow, now climb up the inclined wooden panes on the side of the building and wait for the thugs below to say that "something is moving" then crouch down.

Slowly make your way to the right and shoot the thug that's standing guard there. Then drop down from where he fell and take back your arrow.

Turn right as soon as you drop down and you'll vaguely see a set of stairs through the fog. Quickly head over there and you'll find Henry's wheelchair.

Climb up the stairs and proceed to the right side. Pry open the lock on the gate and reunite with Mei.

Leave the enclosed area and turn right, then go all the way to the side of the railing. You can jump towards the building in front from here.

Jump towards the next platform and make your way to the back where there's a piece of wood stretching towards the right.

Follow the rooftop and jump down on the delivery van below. Now jump over to the metal pipes in front of it and start climbing up towards Linda.

You're almost done now. Just climb down the stairs and head to the right. Head for the boat and your journey is over.