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I am alive Walkthrough Saving Mei's Mom - Blue Hotel

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Head down the elevator and you'll notice that it's night now. On the corridor leading outside, you'll find a pistol lying on the floor. Pick it up before proceeding.

Go around the corner and equip as well as draw your bow. Wait for the first thug to come inside the protective plastic of the building and shoot him with your bow.

Quickly switch to your gun and shoot the next two thugs that will come inside. They're both armed with a gun so it's for the best to kill them quickly, even at the cost of your bullets.

The game will automatically take you out after taking the gasmask, so make sure you head back inside and pick up the bullets and arrow that the enemies dropped.

Leave the building premises and go the same way you went when you searched for the transmitter.

The only difference is once you get to the train tracks, you turn left and climb up on the train. Walk to the end of the train and use your grappling hook to swing to the other side.

Climb down the first pipe that you see and take the first road on the right side, then continue walking until you get in front of the hotel.

The game will tell you that you cannot enter through the front door and focus on an entrance further to the right. Walk over and stand on the destination marker.

Walk down the dark corridor and turn left on the first corner that you find. This area is well lit, so crouch and start climbing up the stairs.

Keep yourself hidden and try to get a first shot on the armored guy with your bow. Now wait for the others to come and shoot the guy with the gun first.

Intimidate the other two, then kill them off. Take your arrow and anything they dropped then climb up the stairs and lift the gate to open it.

Turn right as soon as you enter, then crouch down and approach the larger man at the back of the room. You can silent kill him this way.

Take out your gun and point it at the other two thugs. Wait for the armored one to approach you and shoot his head. Shoot the other thug with an arrow and kill the last one.

Proceed to the left side of the room and enter through the plastic covered entrance. Don't forget to take your arrow with you.

Turn right and open the gate that leads into the cashier, then head to the back room through there.

Head down the path and draw your bow as you get close to the corner. Shoot the thug who's guarding the stairs and pick up the bullets near the mesh gate on the left side.

Climb up the staircase and head up to the fourth floor, turn right on the first fork in the path and continue down that way.

On the second fork take a right and enter the only open door in that corridor. Inside there's a curtain blocking your view, take out your bow and wait for the man to sit on the bed, then shoot him with your bow.

When the door opens take what you can from the room and don't forget your arrow. Now leave the room and turn right, keep heading down that way.

When you get near the elevator, draw your bow and wait for the guy closest to you to get near. Shoot him, pick up the bow and shoot the big guy.

Now kill either ones of those who are left and knock out or struggle kill the last one.

Keep walking on the corridor, then turn left at the end. Peek through the door, but not that close. Draw your bow and wait for the thug to come out and shoot him when he does.

Pick up your arrow and enter the room. Shoot the large guy near the bed and pick up your arrow from him.

Quickly aim the bow at the guy in the next room and kill him. Approach the bed to set Mei's mother free.

All that trouble and not even a thank you. Okay head back out into the corridor and follow Linda around the hotel.

Linda will occasionally ask you to scout up ahead first. So go around the corner and ready your bow.

Draw your bow and shoot the guy who'll come out from the door marked with "2."

Ignore the big guy and shoot the thug that's standing near the door on the left side of the first guy you shot. Use your gun since you probably won't have enough time to get your arrow.

Quickly turn around towards where Linda is and shoot the guy with the gun. Now you have two armored thugs left.

Run and keep your distance. Now draw your gun and shoot their heads. It'll be safe to move afterwards, so take back your arrow and any bullet that was dropped. Continue following Linda.

She'll ask you to once again scout ahead. But this time no one will attack you, just keep going until you see the door marked with "1" and climb down the stairs and into the subway.

From here on you'll lead. Climb down the stairs, vault over the subway entrance and hug the wall on the left side. Open the mesh gate and proceed inside.

Climb down the stairs and wait for the thug with a gun to approach you. Surprise kill him, then shoot an arrow at one the other thugs. Kill or stirke down the last one.

Once that's taken care off, head down the left side of the rail and walk slowly. Hug the wall on the right and enter the first entrace that you see.

Follow the corridor and climb down the stairs, then follow the path until you get back into the railway.

Turn left and keep walking on that path until you reach the end, which is blocked by rubble. When you see the rubble, turn right and enter into the sewer channel.

Cross the bridge that leads to the other side and exit through the path at the other end of it.

After passing through the tunnel, you'll find yourself inside a room with a staircase. Climb up on the stairs and enter the door at the very top.

Now head across the parking lot towards the right and you'll find the elevator. Enter the elevator to get back to Henry's.