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I am alive Walkthrough Return to Mei

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Drop down on the edge of the platform and make your way down using the pipes of the scaffoldings. Then drop down to the street afterwards.

When you get to the streets, head straight towards the main street and look for a pipe on the railway that you can climb on. Remember your stamina depletes in the dust.

Once you get on the railway, climb up on the train and walk all the way to the end of it. Now use your grapple and swing over to the other side of the rails.

Use the left side of the tracks that are still intact and keep going forward towards the other end.

When you get to the end of the line you'll see a light post that's bending over. Use your grappling hook on it and swing to the other side, then climb on the pipe on the right side.

After climbing to the top of the pipe. Look to your left and proceed to walk on the larger pipe, then climb up onto the street.

A guy with a machete will threaten you, but he isn't hostile so don't attack him. Just pass through his area and climb up on the inclined path to your left.

Drop down from the wooden path and this time you'll be harassed by a group of thugs. Two of them have guns and the other two have machetes. Kill the first one to approach you, then shoot the guy on the far left side, he has the other gun.

You can either push the other two back to the fire and kick them in or you can shoot one of them and take the other one down with your machete.

When they're all taken care off, head forward then turn left and enter the elevator to get back to Mei.

After reuniting with Mei, leave the makeshift safe spot and turn left as you exit. Descend on the inclined path and use your grappling hook to swing to the other side.

Follow the only available path and get on the other side of the mall, then drop down near the bonfire and use the pipe to get to the escalator below.

Walk down the escalator and head for the destination marker near the end of the path.