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Jazzpunk Walkthrough Chinatown

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Follow the path straight down until you reach a sushi bar, go in and grab the jar off the bench.

You job is to catch 5 spiders like this one in the jar and release them on the sushi chef blocking the door, I'll leave it up to you to find them as there's actually 8 of them if you're after an achievement and it's fun finding them.

He's out of the way.

Grab this puffer fish off the bench and spray a plate of sushi with it, now go find the cowboy in the girl's bathroom and get the kidney you need and get out of there.

People come after you trying to retrieve the "wetware" which is a bad idea for them because you can knock them over.

Get back to the subway to finish this level and enter the next transition scene.

Head inside with your candle, light it then light the incense, kneel on the cushion and ring the gong.