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Jazzpunk Walkthrough Russian Consulate

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Welcome to Jazzpunk, first thing to take note of is that this guide is purely for how to complete the story, I don't touch any of the side references or anything as I don't want to completely spoil them for everybody, this is purely for the story, not for the secrets.

I used a controller as I recommend you do too, and the controls are as follows, A is to interact with things, X is to jump and Y is to switch items.

Ok first things first it to walk down this hallway and go into the open door on the right, the receptionist tells you to sit down so do that and flick through the magazines, after doing this she tells you to continue inside to meet the director.

Go inside and he tells you to sit down, then he explains the mission and asks you to take a tablet of missionoyl so do so and the level will begin.

Head into the building straight ahead and turn left and go over to the clock.

Set the time to 12:00 and the workers will go on break so you can ride up the cart to the top floor.

Grab a picture of a scientist off the wall, you'll need it later then go over to the computer to enter it in order to find the computer chip.

Grab the cereal off the table and empty it out to find the gift at the bottom and use it to unlock the phone, then dial one so the chip pops out and you can grab it on your way back out.

Use the picture you grabbed earlier to fool the security camera and go out the hallway and escape through the vent.

Welcome to your first level transition area, this one just requires you to feed some bread to the fish until you appear back in the director's office.