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Jazzpunk Walkthrough Penthouse

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You arrive at the office and notice something is wrong, continue to the back and listen to the message to be transported to the penthouse.

Go inside the penthouse and spray all the bugs in the kitchen.

I don't know what causes it after this so just go around, explore and have fun until this frame in the top left appears, then go to the tube in the lounge room to trigger the next scene.

Grab the pool cue and play a nice game of mini golf, it doesn't matter if you win and in fact you probably won't.

After finishing mini golf hop in any golf cart you like and fly through the rings to the next area.

Grab the gravy off the table and throw it in the pond, then grab your remote.

The course is a simple figure 8 pattern, go off the ramps for a speed boost and you'll probably win as long as you don't run into anything.

It doesn't really matter if you win or lose though so once it's over get in your cart and follow the rings to the next area.

Pick up the VR goggles and play a game of tennis, this is quite tough but again it doesn't matter if you win or lose.

After you lose (or win) go and find 6 awards and accolades and give them to him.

I think you can safely work out what to do here can't you?

Now go along the word bridge and save the director's secretary then go inside.

Now go to the control panel and choose whichever option you like.

Crawl into his mouth to finish the game.

Now for the "credits" follow the path until you reach the end.

Grab the missionoyl and take them to go to the real credits.

Now while you enjoy the credits I just wanted to say that the game doesn't end here, no way, there's still a ton of secrets and easter eggs and mini games to find, I just didn't include them in this guide because a lot of the fun in this game is finding them yourself, it'll take you a few more hours to find all the achievements and then there's a couple more things to do as you'll see at the end of the credits, good luck and have fun.