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Jazzpunk Walkthrough Kai Tak Resort

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Now you just need to find the Kai Tak Resort on your map, head straight to the left until you reach this dot with circular waves coming out of it.

Head into the reception and ring the bell, sign the book and grab your ticket and head towards the elevator on your right.

Say you want to go to the fourth floor and head left out the door and look for room 405 and use your ticket to get in.

Answer your banana phone; after receiving your instructions grab the suitcase on the bed and go into the bathroom and put on the wig and the lipstick and head outside.

Remember there's no fall damage so get down as fast as you want and head behind the reception and into the restaurant.

Head to this table at the very back and sit down and trade suitcases whenever you like, accept the drink and chug it down; proceed to get up and walk out.

Get out of the chair and walk over to the door and grab the note, go outside and head to the right and downstairs.

Head to this pool and go down the ladder, continue to follow the instructions he gives you until you grab the guitar and leave.

Go up and hit this mechanical pig with the guitar, put him on the fire and rotate him to open the door out of the level.