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King Arthurs Gold Walkthrough Final notes

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As a builder, you can create "Workshops". They are 5x3 wide/tall blank vendor slots that can be upgraded to offer players on your team services, such as restocking on arrows, buying bombs or even replenishing health through consuming food that can also be carried into battle by spending gold which is gotten by killing enemies or mining gold deposits.

There are also incredibly useful items for the builder as well, including sponges to clear out unwanted water, buckets to extinguish fires, trampolines to help invasions or even mill saws to instantly fell down trees and process all the logs dropped into wooden planks.

If you are playing an archer or knight, try to not stand in the way of builders as you prevent them from placing blocks. Builders are often very busy between gathering supplies and conducting maintenance so such time-wasting can sometimes be fatal to your team.

Knights are as of 2013-2014, very overpowered, not only with their multipurpose mobility, offense and defense but they also boast the largest healthpools in the game...

They can however, be killed by Archers or Builders given the right circumstances.

If things are going too smooth or you're meeting no resistance at all, the enemy team probably left and swapping sides when this happens is considered good conduct.

Being jumped on can be absolutely devastating depending on how much of a fall the person landing took...

... And being ignorant of what's above you almost always result in instant death.

Both corpses and hearts dropped by dead players can be carried using C. Lying down while holding an enemy corpse can be used as a camoflague while holding hearts can be used for a quick, reliable fix.

Thank you for reading Portforward's guide to King Arthur's Gold! Remember, the game requires both a lot of practice and patience to be enjoyed fully with the current server issues so don't take things too seriously. Death is as said, a part of the game.