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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 3 Demon Pass

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Chapter 3 - Demon Pass

Fly towards the fortress.

When you get close to the fortress a cut scene will begin. On the tower will be faces. Shoot the eyes of the faces.

When you destroy both eyes dragons will come out of the mouth.

Once the dragons are dead, fly in the mouth.

Inside the fortress, target the weight and grab a hold of it.

When the game tells you move the controller up and down to rip the weight from its moorings.

Repeat this for the next weight. Once the second weight is destroyed, the fog will lift and you can attack the Mokai ships.

Once the ships are destroyed time for the last weight. Fly back to the fortress. Enter the fortress and destroy the last generator.

The fortress should blow up after the last weight is destroyed. This will bring you to the end of Chapter 3.