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Lair Walkthrough Chapter 5 Serpent Strait

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Chapter 5 - Serpent Strait

The first part of this chapter you need to protect the four mantas.

You need at least one manta to live to complete this objective. Also your fireballs can hurt the mantas. Mokai Ice Dragons will start attacking at the beginning of the chapter.

Lock on and shoot fireballs at the dragons.

Once you save the mantas, the serpent will rise from the water.

Fly close and shoot the scales on the serpent with fireballs.

After you hit him the serpent will rear up out of the water and attack you.

Shoot fireballs at the serpent's head.

Dodge the serpentís attacks by moving the controller left or right. If your fireball hits the serpent he will be stunned.

Press the O button to ram the serpent.

The serpent will try and bite your dragon. When prompted, move the controller left.

Move the Left Stick down when prompted.

Repeat this process until after you ram the serpent. The second time the serpent tries to bite your dragon, move the controller to the right.

Then move the Left Stick down.

Shoot the serpent to make it loose a scale. This time the serpent will attack you from behind.

Move the controller to the right or left when prompted. You will need to do this three times.

You will land on the serpent near the eye. Move the Left Stick down.

You will hit the eye and then fall off. Your dragon will pick you up. This will bring you to the end of chapter 5.